About Our Soccer Programs

The Dribbler private soccer training program is focused on primarily improving the Player’s technical skills such as dribbling, touch, passing, shooting and awareness. What makes us different is that we are a mobile service, meaning we send the Trainer to your location to train the player in your backyard or a nearby field in your area.


Your Trainer will develop a customized lesson plan based around what the Player’s goals are to help improve their game. Your Trainer will provide personalized 1 on 1 attention that you can’t get at camps or clinics.


We offer 1 on 1 training, or semi private group training up to 5 players in an at home backyard setting or at a nearby field in your area. If you are looking for group training, you have the option to have the Trainer teach each player in a 1-on-1 format for a split amount of time, or the Trainer can teach all players in the group together. We highly suggest the 1 on 1 format as each player will have that undivided attention.


Dribbler offers 1 hour classes only and our private soccer trainers are experienced in giving these lessons to players of all different ages. We require our Trainers to have a minimum of 2+ years of experience coaching all ages and some carry mid to high level coaching licenses and certifications.


Below, are a few of our highlighted Trainers!

Dribbler Trainer Spotlight: Bobby M.



Hi my name is Bobby. I am from Northboro, MA. All my siblings played soccer and that quickly made my skills developed from an early age. I became competitive around age 8 and from there I would go on to win multiple club state championships, HIgh School D-1 Championship, and play in college on a full scholarship. I have always loved the game and was a coach on the field for most of my teams. With young children I began coaching and want to be more active with kids wanting to get better. My success came from my ability to have great ball control. Training with European clubs as a teenager I learned the value of ball skill, that with good technique you can start to play faster and with more confidence. Teaching the soccer lessons I was fortunate to have learned is great to help grow the game here.

Dribbler Trainer Spotlight: Kevin L.



Hi all, my name is Kevin Lopez and I very pleased with this opportunity to work with athletes who enjoy the game! First off, I’m a current student-athlete at the University of North Georgia who competes in the Peach Belt Conference (PBC) for NCAA division II championship. I currently have spent 10+ years of understanding football in different ways such as the tactical view, technical aspect, and awareness of the sport. I obtained my B.S. in kinesiology and working towards my master’s degree in a concentration of Exercise Science. I have experience coaching kids within all age groups from 5—18 and I currently hold my CPR/First aid certifications. My goal is to teach the younger generation how to become a better player through training with hard work but also allow them express themselves and have fun over all.

Dribbler Trainer Spotlight: Kiahna L.



Hi my name is Kiahna, but my nickname is Junior. I was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. My love for soccer began when I first started playing at the age of 5. I played select soccer with Odyssey Soccer Club and then later while I attended Texas A&M University- Texarkana. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi in 2019. I have played every position on the field, but my favorite is center-mid or forward. I was a leader on an off the field for my teammates. I have had great experiences and opportunities from playing soccer and I have learned a lot over the years. I would love to pass on my knowledge and passion of soccer to the younger generations.


Here at Dribbler, our mission is to help our players become their greatest selves on and off the field.


Dribbler is unlike other soccer programs out there, we do not have a universal program, instead, our trainers develop customized lesson plans for each student based on their goals & needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are! We are abiding by government regulations across the areas that we serve but we are currently accepting registrations and conducting lessons correlating with those government regulations.


If there is an active stay-at-home order in your specific region, we are not to send out soccer trainers to your location until that order has ceased. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

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