Basic Soccer Dribbling Skills: Ultimate Ways to Get Better

It is very important in soccer to control and manipulate the soccer ball. Basic soccer dribbling skills enhance your position for passes and shots. Want to get better at basic soccer dribbling skills? You can use various parts of your feet to develop different dribbling skills. Doing this allows you to move the soccer ball downfield throughout a game with improved mobility, balance and control.


How to Get Better on Your Basic Soccer Dribbling Skills?


1. Make kind contact with the soccer ball. You can contact the soccer ball more often by utilizing kind touches, slowing down your performance. Still, getting expertise in this will assist you in advancing quickly with added control over the soccer ball. You have more control over the ball’s movement the more your foot contacts it.


2. Keep the soccer ball near your feet. Keep your knees bent when you pass the soccer ball back & forth between your feet. Your body should be in between the defender and the ball when playing against a challenger. You will be capable of shifting directions more quickly as well. Defenders struggle more to intercept the ball when you keep it close to your feet.


3. To dribble galloping, use the front edge of your foot. Every time you take a step forward, gallop with the same foot. This holds the ball near to your foot at all times. While running, keep your front foot’s leading edge forward. You’ll have the most speed and balance if you keep the ball in contact with your foot’s outside edge. This is not covered by making cuts, stopping, changing directions, etc. The sole purpose of this is to advance the ball with the greatest amount of control and speed.


4. Keep the soccer ball in your peripheral sight down at the lowest edge. In particular, beginners tend to focus almost exclusively on the ball as they refine their basic soccer dribbling skills. Instead, practice retaining the ball in your peripheral vision as soon as you can after learning a new skill.


You can more readily keep track of the rest of the soccer field if the ball is kept in your lower field of sight. You can use this to spot openings in defences, available teammates, scoring opportunities, etc.


5. Change the Speed. The quickest way to get caught up by a defender is to move in a straightforwardly predictable manner. Work on adjusting your dribbling speed. In this manner, you can more easily alter your pace on the ground in confusing ways to knock defenders off their feet.


6. You can use your body to shield the ball. When a defender approaches, use your body to protect the ball. To safeguard the soccer ball, you can utilize your whole body. Use your legs, arms, and shoulders to keep the defender away from the soccer ball. Attempting to keep the ball on foot further away from the defender is another option.


How To Practice Basic Soccer Dribbling Skills?


1. Practice dribbling skills in soccer on a field. Find a long, open area where you can practice running while utilizing light touches on the front edge. In an open field, your gallop should change to more of a run since you don’t need as much control of the ball. Since you don’t require as much ball control in an open field, your gallop should alter to more of a run.


2. Work on your speed dribbling. Speed dribbling means moving the soccer ball downfield quickly and accurately. Your foot should be slightly bent in at the ankle, and the front of the foot should be down for the correct speed dribbling technique. In this manner, the ball is in contact with the shoe’s front-outside, slightly above the middle toe. Using this strategy, the ball should be in contact with the ground every five to eight steps. Make the touches without needing to slow down throughout your jogging stride significantly.


3. Practice basic soccer dribbling skills with one foot in and out of cones. Set up five cones on the field, each about 3 feet apart, and weave the soccer ball through the cones with one foot. To pass the soccer ball between the cones, you need to alternate between the leading edge of your foot & the inside section of your instep. Once you’ve completed the five cones, simply turn around and begin again in the opposite direction.


4. Work on roll-inside skills. Roll the soccer ball between the cones by placing your foot on top of it. When your foot comes off, roll at an angle so that the ball passes in front of the foot you’re using to roll. You’ll then catch the ball with the inner instep of the other foot before repeating the roll maneuver to pass it back.


5. Practice passing the soccer without using the cones. Begin by passing the soccer ball between both feet without moving your feet forward. Simply utilize the inside region of your feet to pass the soccer ball back and forth. Practice this maneuver at various speeds and with forward and backward movement.


Learning basic soccer dribbling skills seems tough, but in reality, dribbling skills soccer are one of the basic skills which are necessary to master. Practice and practice again will make you perfect. No power is needed to enhance basic soccer dribbling skills. So everyone should practice for the best performance at upcoming soccer events.