Rainbow Flick Soccer – A Step-by-Step Guide to Perfecting the Skill

Rainbow Flick Soccer – In the world of soccer, there are certain moves that captivate spectators and leave defenders in awe. One such move is the rainbow flick. If you’ve ever wondered what a rainbow flick is in soccer or how to execute it with finesse, you’ve come to the right place. In this step-by-step guide, we will break down the rainbow flick into simple steps, allowing you to master this flashy and effective skill. Whether you’re an aspiring soccer player or a seasoned veteran looking to add some flair to your game, let’s dive into the world of rainbow flick soccer.


Understanding the Rainbow Flick Soccer


What is a rainbow flick in soccer? The rainbow flick is a stunning soccer move where you flick the ball up and over your head, then catch it on the other side. It’s visually impressive and effective for evading defenders. Mastering this skill requires practice, timing, and height control. Start by positioning yourself and scooping the ball with your dominant foot. Jump as the ball lifts off, creating enough height for it to pass over your head. Practice stationary and gradually add movement. Focus on coordination and timing. Challenge yourself in different situations and develop ball control.

Watch professional players for inspiration. With dedication, you can incorporate rainbow flick soccer into your game, leaving opponents and spectators amazed.


Mastering the Technique


Now that we have a grasp of the rainbow flick’s concept, let’s break down the technique into step-by-step instructions


Step 1: Positioning and Approach


Start by positioning yourself in an open space, allowing room for the flick. Approach the ball with moderate speed, keeping your eye on it at all times.


Step 2: Planting and Lift-off


When the ball comes close to your stronger foot, make sure to firmly position your weaker foot on the surface. Simultaneously, use the inside or outside of your dominant foot to scoop the ball upwards and backward.


Step 3: Timing and Height


The timing is crucial in executing a successful rainbow flick. As the ball lifts off the ground, quickly explode into a jump, raising your knee and foot towards the ball’s trajectory. Aim to create enough height for the ball to pass over your head.


Step 4: Flick and Control


With your dominant foot, flick the ball up and over your head using a scooping motion. As the ball reaches its peak height, extend your leg and foot to catch it on the opposite side of your body. Maintain focus and control as you secure the ball.


Practice and Progression 


Like any skill in soccer, perfecting the rainbow flick soccer requires practice and repetition. Here are some tips to enhance your mastery of the move:


Start with Basic Techniques


Begin by practicing the rainbow flick soccer while stationary, gradually adding movement and speed as you become more comfortable.


Coordination and Timing


Focus on synchronizing your movements and timing the flick accurately to achieve the desired arc.


Increase Difficulty


 Challenge yourself by attempting the rainbow flick in different situations, such as during dribbling drills or while evading defenders.


Develop Ball Control


 Strengthen your overall ball control skills, as they are crucial in executing the flick and maintaining possession afterward.


Watch and Learn


Study professional players who excel at the rainbow flick, observe their techniques, analyze their footwork, and gain inspiration from their expertise.




Rainbow flick soccer is a skill that showcases creativity, athleticism, and control on the soccer field. Although it might appear intimidating initially, through consistent practice and unwavering resolve, anyone can master this attention-grabbing maneuver. Remember to start with the basics, focus on coordination and timing, gradually increase the difficulty, develop your overall ball control, and seek inspiration from professional players. As you progress, you’ll be able to incorporate the rainbow flick soccer seamlessly into your game, leaving both opponents and spectators in awe. Get ready by tying your shoelaces, taking hold of a soccer ball, and beginning your quest to become a skilled expert at executing the rainbow flick in soccer. With dedication and perseverance, you’ll soon be dazzling the field with this mesmerizing skill, making your mark as a true artist of the game.