Soccer Ball Control Drills: Step by Step Guide

Are you looking for the finest soccer ball control drills? Players must be able to move and control the ball when playing soccer. The act of dribbling is one method of good ball handling. Players must perfect their dribbling techniques while performing ball control workouts using various parts of both feet.


The result is enhanced balance and control for moving the soccer ball during games and better control of the ball. The most remarkable soccer ball control drills, techniques, cautions, and advice are provided to help you achieve your goals.


Make sure to politely touch the soccer ball


A touch occurs whenever players make physical contact with the ball. With gentle touches, you make sure that you interact with the ball more frequently, which means you will slow down from the beginning. However, you will get used to more interaction with the ball the better you control it.


Check to See if the Ball Is Near Your Feet


Make sure your knees are bent as you transfer them back and forth between your inner feet. Maintain your body between the ball and the defender if you are up against an opponent. You may quickly adjust your course thanks to it. Defenders will find it challenging to intercept the soccer ball control drills if you maintain the ball close to your feet, which is an additional advantage.


Dribble Galloping: Use the Leading Point of Your Foot


Each time you step ahead, gallop with the exact foot. Thanks to it, you can maintain constant contact between the ball and the foot, keeping the top point of your foot ahead as you run to maintain contact between the ball’s leading edge, giving you maximum balance and speed.


It does not apply while making cuts, pauses, or changes in direction. It is solely used to force the ball down the field quickly and accurately.


Make Sure to Hold the Ball on the Lower part of Your Peripheral Vision


As they develop their dribbling abilities, many newcomers have a chance to focus on the soccer ball control drills rather than the overall field. However, when you begin the learning process, you should practice maintaining the ball at the bottom of your visual field when performing ball control drills for soccer.


It allows you to keep a broad perspective of the whole field and spot scoring opportunities, available teammates, and defensive gaps for your rivals.


Modify your pace:


A defender may easily hang you if you go predictably, so be sure to modify your speed. Utilizing soccer ball control drills is the most outstanding technique to alter your dribbling rate. This allows you to shift speeds more frequently and quickly, which you may use to confuse opponents.


Secure the ball with your body


Make careful to cover the ball using your body, such as your shoulders, knees, and arms, as the defender approaches you. Always keep the ball between you and the defender. Another suggestion is to use the foot farthest from the defender to keep the ball out of their reach.


Warnings When Performing Ball Control Drills for Soccer


  • Make sure the field where you’re training and playing have first aid supplies and someone who understands how to use them.
  • If there are any injuries, you should have a strategy in place for how to get in touch with medical help. They can handle concussions, fractures, and other severe injuries.
  • Make careful to remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water on hot, sunny days. That applies before and after games.
  • Before beginning the soccer ball control drills, remove any jewelry and body piercings.


How to get more ball control in Soccer? Here are tips for you


  • You will improve as a soccer player and avoid injuries by getting in shape before participating in soccer ball control drills. It implies that you should begin consuming the right foods and working out before the season starts. The best method to confirm that you stay healthy throughout the year is to exercise daily and eat sensibly.
  • Make careful to clear the field of obstructions, such as broken glass and garbage, and fill up any holes before playing or practicing. Before the game begins, you should put any additional gear or balls to the edges of the field.
  • Before doing any soccer ball control drills, practice, warm up, and stretch. For instance, run around the field or perform jumping jacks to help your muscles warm up before stretching.
  • Verify the safety of the goals on the playing surface at either end. , the goals should be anchored firmly to the ground and should be adequately softened to reduce the danger of harm to players and goalkeepers who may collide with the posts


Items you will need


  • Soccer cones
  • Jumps or poles
  • Bouncy soccer balls
  • Pennies or bibs for exercise
  • Medicine balls


Utilizing the information above, you should make it simpler to do the best soccer ball dribbling drills. Make sure you maintain a healthy diet and physical fitness for the greatest results.