5 Amazing And Beneficial Soccer Drills You Can Do Yourself

Soccer drills you can do yourself are very important to soccer players. They make for the solo training sessions that most soccer players go through in their free time. 


On a professional level, soccer training with your team is going to be something you will be doing for 2 hours a few days per week. 


Learning and finding soccer drills you can do yourself, helps alleviate all the issues that come with finding a partner to train with. 


The demand for soccer drills you can do yourself has always been high, and soccer players are seeking such drills all the time.


There’s just a bit of an issue with this constant spike in demand, the amount of information out there can be overwhelming to some and hard to navigate for most.


Especially if you are a pro player, or even someone who views soccer as a passion and a way to stay healthy, in shape and fit. 


You simply don’t have the time to go through all the resources, pick up what you need and try to avoid things that could be somewhat detrimental to your desires. 


We will try to do that for you and provide you with 5 soccer drills you can do yourself, that don’t need much research and are easy to perform. 


What Are Soccer Drills You Can Do Yourself?


What Are Soccer Drills You Can Do Yourself



Let us begin by explaining what soccer drills that you can do yourself are and what they can help you with.


By ‘soccer drills that you can do yourself’ we mean soccer drills that anyone can do, without the help of a partner or the help of a teammate. 


Granted, for some of the drills mentioned below you will need a soccer ball, but that is to be expected most of the time, if you are talking about soccer drills. 


Another very important thing to keep in mind about the drills we will showcase is that they are designed to maximize all sorts of things. 


Unlike in some previous posts, we are not talking about anything specific like; defending or how to improve as a striker. Instead today we will move up and down on the field and skills, while focusing only on the drills. 


This answers our second worry and second idea, what is that soccer drills that you can do yourself province for soccer players and enthusiasts?


They can provide anything you need them to. Or to be more precise, anything that they are designed to improve. 


The best way to find the drills that you need or the ones that are right for you would be to pick and choose them based on your needs and goals.


Even more ideal would be to go for private soccer lessons, and have them picked and designed by a professional, who has the credentials to take your achievements to the next level. 


5 Soccer Drills You Can Do Yourself 


5 Soccer Drills You Can Do Yourself 



With that out of the way, and with an understanding of soccer drills that you can do yourself, we can now jump into our picks.


1. The Juggling Shooter


The Juggling Shooter



Juggling is one of the most important activities that a soccer player can perform. This is mostly due to how much juggling helps players to familiarize themselves with the soccer ball.


Among the many soccer drills you can do yourself, ‘The Juggling Shooter’ combines juggling and shooting; which helps you create better ball control while improving your shooting skills and technique.


The concept behind this drill is simple. Get somewhere close to the goal, start juggling for as long as you can, and by the end, kick the ball high enough, so that you can shoot it at the goal when it lands back down. 


2. The Headmaster


The Headmaster As One Of The Many Soccer Drills You Can Do Yourself



One of the most overlooked skills in soccer is heading technique. A lot of players forget to train in this regard and they simply don’t pay enough attention to this side of soccer.


Yet, it is this very skill that has given us some of the most memorable goals and even saves in the history of soccer. 


There are many soccer drills that you can do yourself that help with heading technique. The simplest being throwing the ball up in the air, and trying to head it at a specific target. 


3. Pro Shooter


Pro Shooter



If you want to increase your shooting skills, you have to go through as many shooting drills as you possibly can. 


While you can try drills that focus on technique more than simply power. For a beginner we would recommend that you try to first improve power and precision. 


Put a soccer ball somewhere outside the penalty box. Take as many steps away from it as you see fit, do a set of squats and upon completion take a shot. This drill helps build stronger leg muscles, and better shot accuracy. 


4. Corner Sprinter 


Corner Sprinter One Of The Soccer Drills You Can Do Yourself



A soccer drill that can help you improve multiple things is definitely one that you should strive to have in your arsenal of soccer drills that you can do yourself.


The corner sprinter works perfectly as it helps build cardio, speed, endurance, improve your corner taking abilities, improve ball precision and crossing skills in general. 


Take the soccer ball to the corner flag, and aim to cross it as best you can. Imagine it’s a real corner in a real match. Once you take the corner, sprint behind the ball and move with it to the other corner. Repeat as many times as you deem necessary.


5. Cone Dribbling


Cone Dribbler



We have tried to keep these drills as simple as we could, and we tried to steer clear of using many soccer equipment


However, cone dribbling is the best of all soccer drills that you can do yourself, so we can’t really avoid it. It helps improve dribbling, ball control, speed, endurance, game IQ, etc. 


Put 5 to 7 cones next to each other, with enough space between for you to zig-zag with a soccer ball. In case you lack cones, use bottles, other soccer balls, bags and anything you can find to mark a spot like a cone would. 


Soccer drills you can do yourself have proven to be really useful during the pandemic. However, their importance goes beyond quarantining and social distancing. 


They will always remain a great way of keeping yourself or even your children healthy and in shape, and not only helping you improve your soccer skills.