The 2 Most Important Things To Know Before Starting Soccer Lessons For Beginners

Soccer lessons for beginners can at times be very intimidating. Just like with everything else, the beginning is always the hardest part. 


At the same time, it is the very beginning that is also one of the most important predictors of how far one can achieve in any given field. 


If you are capable of taking the right, first, few steps, the whole journey becomes so much easier. Because taking these steps in the right way, ensures you go down the right path. 


When it comes to soccer lessons for beginners, the biggest issue people face is a very interesting one. Soccer coaches usually face two extremes with beginners. 


On one side you have the students who enter soccer lessons for beginners with the expectation that soccer is the easiest sport there is. 


As unreal as this sounds, there are countless players who take their first soccer lesson with the mindset that they will dribble everyone like Messi. 


That illusion is of course shattered once you face the first tackle, or once you realize that the levels of ball control that one should have to be able to dribble are seemingly beyond human.


This brings us to the second issue with people starting soccer lessons for beginners. We face students or players who come in totally intimidated and completely bamboozled by soccer.


The inbetween of these two extremes is where you should find yourself when registering for soccer lessons for beginners. 


Number 1: Soccer Lessons For Beginners Are Meant For Beginners 


Soccer Player Taking A Shot Towards The Goalkeeper During Soccer Lessons For Beginners


Whether you find yourself intimidated by soccer, or you think you’ll be the greatest soccer player to ever touch a soccer ball, the lessons you start with will determine how far you’ll progress. 


First and foremost, soccer lessons for beginners are designed to help alleviate these illusions. You will in one way or another find out how good you actually are at soccer. 


With that in mind, if you are afraid of soccer and the idea of being able to perform within it is intimidating, don’t worry. 


There are a lot of other people who are in that very same position and there are many resources out there that can help you out. 


It is important that we point out another misconception about soccer lessons for beginners that a lot of people seem to have.


Soccer lessons for beginners are meant for beginners. A lot of people may feel downright embarrassed to start with lessons. 


“Those are meant for kids.” This is a very wrong concept that you might have heard. Soccer lessons for beginners are meant for anyone who is a beginner. 


Do not let any outside pressure cloud your judgement on this issue. Most of the time, people will deny themselves something that they are passionate about, just due to social fears and such.


Number 2: Pick The Right Soccer Lessons For Beginners 


Kid Participating In Soccer Lessons For Beginners


Picking the right lessons for you is sort of like picking a tailor-made suit. You don’t just take general advice when it comes to something as specific as that. 


Most of the soccer advice you’ve gotten will be useless in this regard. Going back briefly to the first thing, do not let that intimidate you.


The reason why the advice you’ve gotten so far won’t be of much use at this point is because that advice has been crafted for as wide an audience as possible. 


To give an example, “you are never meant to kick the ball with the front of your feet, or toes.” That’s something that you might have heard every now and again.


Although you shouldn’t shoot to score with your toes, Lewandowski has made one of the best assists ever witnessed by using his toes to pass the ball. 


Deciding the best next step, or the best course of action can be a very subjective thing. This is truly easy to see when starting your first soccer lesson. 


Try and realistically assess the level in which you are. This will be tricky, but do your best and if all else fails ask someone who knows the ‘trade’ to help you with that.


Also make sure that you know what you need the lessons for. Although, at first sight the answer to that may seem a non-brainer, think about it a bit more and you see that it isn’t quite so.


Are you looking to practice soccer as a means of keeping fit? Is this something that you want to do as a passion? Are you looking to eventually go pro?


Answering these questions will make your path to soccer lessons so much easier and productive. You will see that in no time, you will be able to tell what is the right thing for you. 


We would suggest starting with private soccer lessons. This, first of all, ensures that you get precisely what you want out of the lessons.


It is an added bonus that by going with private lessons, you can find someone who can give you an unbiased assessment of your skills and level. 


At the end of the day, if you stumbled your way here in an attempt to find soccer lessons for beginners, we are very happy for that to be the case.


Soccer is, indeed, a marvelous sport and we truly want everyone to share in the fun that this activity can provide. 


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