Soccer Shin Guards: How to Choose Perfect Shin Guards for Kids

Soccer shin guards for kids are among the essential soccer accessories for young players that you should buy. In addition to determining which sort of shin guard is appropriate for your kid, you should also need to know how to fit soccer shin guards properly.


Before looking at specific soccer shin guards, you must first understand what kind of shin guards are available. It might be challenging to determine the ideal shin guard to purchase for your young soccer player, so we’ll get right in and explain what it is.


What Are The Best Kinds Of Soccer Shin Guards For Kids?


Soccer Shin guards for kids come in three different forms. There are shin guards with a slip-on design, shin guards with an ankle strap, and shin socks. Here are the specifics, starting with the ideal match for new and younger kids soccer players.


Shin Sock


The shin sock is the most excellent shin guard for young soccer players. You should think about shin socks for your youngster for the following four reasons.


Convenience: You and your young soccer player want something simple. And with this, you need to do is to slip the shin sock over your leg, and you’re finished. It’s a sock, and shin protection rolled into one.


Affordable: Despite their multi-functional design, you may find the soccer shin sock affordable to buy. Prices remain low due to high competition and great demand.


Simplicity: Shin socks are a sock and a shin guard in one. Instead of two socks and two separate guards, you just have two shin socks.


Protection: These guards offer lots of protection to keep the youngsters’ legs safe from damage during the rough contact of soccer.


Shin Guard Straps For Ankle


Ankle shin guard straps are the second-most advised kind of shin protection. This style of protection is particularly effective at staying in place. The stirrup strap beneath the foot, paired with the strap across the back of the leg, and adequately fitting soccer socks secure it.


Shin guards that slide about out of position can be irritating and disrupt your attention on the game as you constantly change their position. The stirrup straps are designed to fit inside your kid’s cleats.


Getting their ankles kicked is not something that young children take well to. The ankle protectors’ enhanced protection keeps the game entertaining for young soccer players.


Shin Guards That Slip In


The slip-on shin guards are the thinnest and provide the least amount of protection. These are the most common shin guards among older and more experienced soccer players.


Higher-level players like to control the soccer ball using the sides of their legs. The thin design and reduced surface area of the slide-in shin guards enable improved ball skills when contacting different sections of the leg.


Why Are Soccer Shin Guards Used?


You might be thinking about why shin guards are required in the first place. They actually have a very significant purpose, and it has nothing to do with fashion.


Shin guards are most likely the most crucial piece of equipment a soccer player will purchase because their major role is to protect the lower leg’s bones and soft tissue sections. The risk of leg injuries in soccer players is decreased by the use of effective shin guards, which disperse the energy from impacts and function as shock absorbers.


Shin Guards’ Size


How do you determine which shin guard size is best for your child? Shin guards, like children, come in many forms and sizes. How to wear shin guards? To begin, the table below of shin-length will serve as a helpful reference. You may need to alter the size to obtain the correct fit for your child.


Size recommendationShin length     Age of child
X small6 – 8 inches2 – 5 years Old
Small8 – 10 Inches4 – 8 Years Old
Medium10 – 11.5 Inches7 – 14 Years Old
Large11.5 – 13 Inches12 – 18 Years Old


You can use your child’s shin measurement as well as their age to establish the best estimate for the suitable size of the shin guard.


Accessories For The Shin Guards


There are a few soccer shin guards accessories to select if you want the greatest performance, fit, or protection.


Shin Guard Tape: Shin guard tape may be used by players on both the top and bottom of the shin guards on the outside of the socks to keep them securely in place.


Shin Guard Stays: Shin guard stays are elastic bands that wrap around the leg and have a hook-and-loop closure to maintain the shin guards in place. They are an alternative to wrapping with a new piece of tape each time.


Shin Guard Sleeves: Shin guard sleeves are frequently utilized by players who favor slip-on shin guards. These stays keep the shin guard from shifting as you play.