Is There Any Soccer Training That Helps You Gain A Six Pack?

Soccer training that helps you gain a sick pack is one of the coolest training regimes you can follow. We believe this to be true due to many factors. 


First and foremost, the appeal that a six pack has cannot be understated. Not only is it one of the most attractive muscles one can posses, but it also looks great within the soccer realm. 


Soccer training that helps you gain a six pack will enable you to score more goals and you will look darn good when you remove your jersey to celebrate. 


These external factors do make soccer training that helps you gain a six pack worth it on its own, but we believe this to be a side benefit. 


The best thing about soccer training that helps you gain a six pack is the fact that such training is ideal for soccer players. As you will see later in this post, these two go really well together. 


Before we jump into the details of todays topic, we first need to understand how muscle growth works, and especially how one can gain a six pack. 


We have gone into a bit more detail in a previous post about muscle gain and soccer drills. Feel free to check that out if you are interested in knowing a bit more. 


For today, we only need to realize one thing. A six pack is gained in the kitchen more than it is gained in the gym or the soccer pitch for that matter.


In the post mentioned above, we touched upon one side of gaining muscle. Working out, and creating tearings in your muscles. If you want to look shredded however, you will need the full equation. 


Since sick packs come out only when one is shredded, today we also need to talk about lowering body fat and allowing your muscles to be visible. 


You see, having big and well-formed muscles is pointless if they are covered under a thick layer of fat. Lowering one’s body fat, means that the muscles beneath will be much more visible; making the person a Greek god in return. 


So to recap everything, bigger muscles and lower body fat equals to a shredded look, which in turn equals to having a six pack. 


3 Drills As Soccer Training That Helps You Gain A Six Pack


Soccer Training That Helps You Gain A Six Pack


Start By Running – This is one of the easiest and most overlooked soccer drills of all time. Not only is this a perfect drill for soccer training that helps you gain a six pack, it is pretty much the best drill for stamina there is. 


Jog around the field as many times as you can, while always incorporating ‘progessive overload’. This simply means going for a few jogs before you start training. 


Try to increase the amount of time you spend jogging progressively. Personal anecdote, our trainer used to tell us that without jogging for at least 30 minutes before start, no soccer training is complete. 


To enhance the results try running on your toes. This exercise will increase your endurance, help train your leg muscles and lower your body fat. Win, win, win!


Run, Dribble And Shoot – This one of the most common combinations that soccer drills include. You want to train all these things at once, to improve every department needed to be a soccer player. 


We suggest going for a simple one, go near the goal, place 5 or 6 cones, one after the other outside the penalty area and bring a football in front of them. 


Run in place for 30 second to a minute in front of the cones, then start moving with the ball in between the cones. Once you pass the last one, take a shot to the goal. 


To make it more efficient, you can sprint behind the ball after shooting and bring it back to the starting position, where you can resume. 


The Pitch Cover – This drill is pretty much designed to be soccer training that helps you gain a six pack, due to its complexity and harshness. 


This is a drill that I designed myself to help keep in shape and to help boost cardio. The idea is to cover the entire soccer pitch while running. 


We would recommend starting from one of the corners and running towards the other end. Jog half of the way and sprint the other half. Once you reach the other end, stretch your legs and take a brief paust. 


Then move a bit further and go the other direction, switching between jogging and sprinting. Not only is this a great calorie burner but it also helps build the stamina needed for soccer. 


Keep in mind that in a real game you will have to jog and then explode into sprinting very often. Preferably this exercise should be performed on smaller pitches, and not actual soccer pitches, as that can be too demanding. 


Sprint Training Is The Ultimate Soccer Training That Helps You Gain A Six Pack


Sprinting To Gain A Six Pack



Since it is clear that the goal of all this training is to make you lose body fat and gain endurance, it is also very important that we point out how amazing sprint training is for this purpose. 


Sprint training has been shown to burn fat, boost the health of the cardiovascular system and also help build muscle among other things. 


It is also a perfect form of training for soccer in general. One of the main factors in a match can be the ability to run fast. 


With the hope that you can pardon another anecdote, my squad used to do this ‘’cross training’’, or so we called it. 


We would pick a partner and cross the ball to each other. The point was to cross the ball far enough from your partner so that they have to sprint and get it. 


The goal was to do as much sprinting as possible, and usually we would stop only when we felt fatigued enough. 


This is something that you too could try to do, but keep in mind that sprint training is far wider than soccer training. 


Plenty of sports have sprinting as an essential part of them, and on top of it all, sprinting is a sport of its own which can be found even in the Olympic Games. 


Try to be as broad as you can when picking drills and training regimes. If something works for another discipline, make it work for you too. 


The main takeaway should be that soccer training that helps you gain a six pack is soccer training that also helps you build endurance and most of all lose body fat. 


At the very end, it is worth noting that we didn’t really talk much about the dieting side of things. Since the scope of this topic was broad enough already, we deemed it necessary not to mention it. 

However, we can’t in good conscience go without once again, reminding you that abs are gained mostly in the kitchen!


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