Goal-Scoring Technical Skills: Effective Drills for Strikers

Technical Skills – When it comes to soccer, few positions are as crucial and exhilarating as that of a striker. Strikers are the goal-scoring machines of the team, entrusted with the responsibility of putting the ball into the back of the net. To excel in this role, a striker in soccer needs a combination of skill, technique, and tactical awareness.


In this blog, we will explore some effective soccer drills that can help strikers improve their goal-scoring abilities and become more lethal in front of the net.

Finishing Under Pressure

One of the most important technical skills for a striker is the ability to finish under pressure. This drill focuses on simulating game-like scenarios where the striker must navigate through tight spaces and defenders to get a shot on goal. Set up cones or mannequins to create obstacles, and have a teammate or coach apply pressure as the striker tries to score. This drill improves shooting accuracy, composure, and the ability to make split-second decisions.

One-Touch Finishing

Quick and precise finishing is one the vital technical skills for a striker in soccer. This drill emphasizes shooting with minimal touches, promoting efficient movement and decision-making in the final third. Set up a grid with cones and have a teammate pass the ball to the striker, who must score with just one touch. Encourage the use of different shooting techniques, such as instep drives, volleys, and side-foot finishes. This drill sharpens the striker’s reflexes, improves accuracy, and enhances the ability to convert half-chances.

Combination Play

Goals are often the result of effective teamwork and coordinated movement. This drill focuses on developing the striker’s ability to combine with teammates in and around the penalty area. Set up a small-sided game with limited space and encourage quick passing, give-and-goes, and overlaps. The striker in soccer should focus on positioning, timing, and making intelligent runs to create scoring opportunities. This drill enhances the striker’s understanding of the game, improves communication with teammates, and fosters creativity in the attacking third.

1v1 Attacking

Strikers in soccer games often find themselves in one-on-one situations with the goalkeeper. This drill aims to improve the striker’s ability to beat the goalkeeper in one-on-one situations and capitalize on scoring chances. Set up a series of cones as a defender and place a goalkeeper in the goal. The striker must dribble past the defender and find a way to score against the goalkeeper. Emphasize the use of feints, changes of direction, and shooting techniques to outwit the goalkeeper. This drill enhances the striker’s confidence, improves dribbling skills, and sharpens finishing instincts.

Crossing and Heading

Heading is one of the essential technical skills for a striker in soccer, especially when it comes to attacking crosses and set pieces. This drill focuses on improving the striker’s heading technique and ability to anticipate and attack aerial balls. Set up a crossing exercise with a teammate delivering crosses from the flanks, and the striker must time their runs and direct the headers towards the goal. Encourage different types of headers, including flick-ons, glancing headers, and powerful finishes. This drill improves the striker’s timing, heading accuracy, and aerial dominance.

Conclusion - Technical Skills

Goal-scoring technical skills and effective soccer drills are crucial for strikers to enhance their skills and maximize their scoring potential on the field. By incorporating a variety of soccer drills into their training regimen, strikers can improve their shooting accuracy, speed, agility, and decision-making abilities in front of the goal. These drills help strikers develop the necessary technical skills and provide them with the confidence and composure needed to convert scoring opportunities during matches. By focusing on finishing under pressure, one-touch finishing, combination play, 1v1 attacking, and crossing and heading, strikers can enhance their overall skill set and become more lethal in front of the net.