The Importance of Private Soccer Lessons

Below, we are going to go over the benefits and importance of private soccer lessons, and a little story about one of the best players in the world.


Cristiano Ronaldo


“(Cristiano) Ronaldo works very hard. He is the first to come to training and the last to go home…” This is a statement made by Andrea Pirlo, in regards to Ronaldo’s crazy work ethic. This is one, among many other stories like this about Ronaldo. Patricia Evra, his former teammate, also shares that if you go to Cristiano’s house as a guest, he will welcome you with  very healthy food and a challenge to train with him.


His work-ethic is that which sets him apart from every other footballer on Earth. There is something very important to learn from this. How does the five times winner of the Champions League differentiate himself from the competition? Hard work and especially extra work! 


Usually most clubs have a two hours per day, five days a week training schedule. This is more than enough for the coaches. However this is not even close to enough for the players. If you want to put on that crucial extra work, you will need to go training on your own.


Now, working out and training on your own is fine and dandy, but like romantic relationships, training extra hours is better when done with a partner rather than alone. Unlike romantic relationships, it is ideal when done with a professional. This is the importance of private soccer lessons. The key to building yourself up professionally lays there. 


How Private Soccer Lessons Make You A Better Footballer


The key point here is focusing on individual aspects of the beautiful game. Improving and boosting your cardio, your shooting technique, crossing, and so on. Another amazing benefit that private soccer lessons have is the relationship you will develop with the football itself.


The more time you spent with the ball, be it just juggling, the easier it will be for you to control and direct the football at your will when performing under high stress situations. When professional players perform extravagant feats, it can seem like magic on TV.


Make no mistake, that is a mere result of players having spent countless hours with a ball. Hours that you can clock in during private soccer lessons. The earlier in your life that you start; the better. Private soccer lessons for youth are widely available and highly recommended. They are one way to make sure that you, literally, grow alongside your soccer career.  


Game IQ In Soccer


Game IQ In Soccer


We have yet to talk about what is, in my opinion, the best thing about private soccer lessons; Game IQ. By ‘game IQ’ I am referring to your understanding of the game, your ability to improvise when necessary, and the ability to find the flaws in yourself. A personal trainer will be able to make unbiased judgement about your flaws. A personal trainer will then be able to give you specific tips on improving those areas. This is huge.


Understanding your flaws will not only help you fix them. It will also be a masterful way of helping you understand the game as a whole. This goes on even further. That understanding is what will make it possible for you to improvise, be creative and play right.


You will be able to know when to follow the standard play style, and when to go full blown creative mode – The David Lynch of Soccer. If the best way to learn something is through trial and error, then using the trial and error method while having a tutor is perfection itself.


To recap private soccer lessons matter because extra work matters. When you put in that extra work and you are able to exponentially grow your skills through private lessons, it is a matter of time until you find yourself deciding which big European club to join. 

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