Winning Possession – Top Soccer Shielding Drills to Try Now

In the dynamic and exhilarating realm of soccer, possession of the ball is the cornerstone of success. In this pursuit, one skill stands out as indispensable – the art of shielding the ball. A skillful shielder can fend off opponents, secure possession, and set the stage for crucial plays. This article delves deep into the world of soccer shielding drills, offering insight into techniques and exercises that can transform you into a master of ball protection and possession.


Understanding the Essence of Soccer Shielding Drills


Soccer shielding drills are the building blocks of a player’s ability to thwart defensive challenges, exercise control over the ball, and generate space on the field. The essence lies in utilizing one’s body as a barrier between the ball and a defender, effectively blocking any attempts at regaining possession. By mastering the shielding soccer drills, players can buy valuable time for teammates to make supporting runs or identify optimal passing avenues.


Drill 1: Grasping the Basic Shielding Technique


Embark on your journey to mastering the art of shielding with the fundamental soccer shielding drills. Partner with a fellow player, standing face-to-face. One assumes control of the ball, while the other plays the role of the defender. The player with possession employs their body to shield the ball from the opponent while keeping a low center of gravity and utilizing their arms as a buffer. This drill serves as a foundation for developing the necessary skills for effective Shielding during a real-game scenario.


Drill 2: Elevating the Challenge with 1v1 Shielding


Progress to the 1v1 shielding challenge to heighten the complexity of the shielding technique. Set up a designated play area and pair off players. One soccer player takes on the responsibility of the attacker, while the other becomes the defender. The attacker’s objective is to shield the ball and maintain control for a set duration while the defender endeavors to regain possession. This drill sharpens decision-making abilities, spatial awareness, and the aptitude to protect the ball under pressure.


Drill 3: Embracing Obstacles for Shielding Progression


Infuse real-game dynamics into your soccer shielding drills by introducing obstacles. Set up cones or markers in a zigzag formation, placing a defender at the far end. The player in possession must navigate through the obstacles while simultaneously shielding the ball from the defender. This exercise not only refines shielding drills soccer but also enhances dribbling, agility, and quick thinking.


Drill 4: The Group Shielding Circle


In soccer, players often find themselves surrounded by adversaries, a scenario addressed by the group shielding circle drill. Create a circular boundary with cones and enlist multiple players as defenders. The central player must shield the ball while maintaining possession, showcasing the ability to fend off multiple opponents. This skill enhances peripheral awareness, teamwork, and the ability to stay calm in high-pressure situations.


Drill 5: Shielding in the Face of Fatigue


Soccer matches are often physically demanding, requiring players to perform even when fatigued. Construct a drill where players engage in high-intensity activities before transitioning into a shielding scenario. This mimics the conditions of an actual match, ensuring players can effectively shield the ball even when exhausted.

Drill 6: Shielding with Change of Direction


To add complexity, let’s explore the shielding drill with change of direction. Set up a course with cones in a zigzag pattern. The individual possessing the ball begins from one side, while a defender initiates from the opposing side. The player with the ball must shield it while navigating the course and changing direction as they go. This drill enhances agility, balance, and the ability to shield effectively while making sudden changes in movement.




The landscape of soccer is characterized by intense battles for possession. Within this arena, the ability to shield the ball emerges as a game-changing skill, enabling players to dictate the game’s rhythm and direction. By integrating soccer shielding drills into your training regimen, you equip yourself with the necessary tools to outmaneuver opponents, seize control, and engineer opportunities for your team. From mastering rudimentary techniques to conquering intricate scenarios, the journey toward becoming a shielding virtuoso promises to elevate your soccer prowess.


Final Words


So, lace up your cleats, rally your teammates, and immerse yourself in these top-tier soccer shielding drills – a path to elevating your game to unprecedented heights. With unwavering dedication and practice, you’ll soon stand as a paragon of possession mastery on the soccer field. Shielding isn’t just about safeguarding the ball; it’s about safeguarding your team’s path to victory.