Upper Body Workout for Soccer Players: A Comprehensive Guide

As a soccer player, focusing exclusively on your legs’ power and strength is simple, but the upper body workout for soccer players is also vital. Solid shoulders, backs, and arms are essential since balance affects practically every aspect of your game. Your upper-body strength also influences your ability to defend the ball or wrestle opponents off it. These five relatively easy exercises can help you build your strength and performance.


Chest Presses


In the chest press workout, you have to hold the dumbbell in both hands and lie flat on a weight bench. To avoid overworking your muscles, start with a weight that feels comfortable and increases the resistance gradually. Lift your legs so that your knees are at a 90-degree angle as you slowly raise both weights above your chest until your arms lock straight while inhaling.


It would be beneficial if, as you extend your arms, you gradually turn the palms of your hands inward so that each palm faces the other when your elbows are fully straightened. Turn your palms outward as you slowly revert to your starting posture. For one set, perform this exercise 15 times as it is the best upper body workout for soccer players.


Push-ups while using a medicine ball


Put your feet on a sizable medicine ball or stability ball and take the push-up position to suspend yourself above the ground. Take a deep breath as you progressively lower yourself until your chest is only an inch off the ground. As you gently ascend to your starting position, take a breath. Fifteen times is a complete set of this upper body workout for soccer players.


Bench Press


Despite being quite straightforward, bicep curls are practical and relatively simple to perform to offer your biceps, chest muscles, and shoulders an efficient exercise. And this upper body workout for soccer players charm lies in the fact that you can achieve it anywhere. With your hands facing forward, hold a kettlebell in each hand while you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly elevate one arm at the elbow while contracting your chest and biceps. Make sure to breathe out the entire time you lift the kettle bell, and then stop when it reaches your shoulder. Repeat with the other arm for a fantastic upper body workout for soccer players and perform 15 reps.


Plank Row


Holding a small dumbbell in each hand, stand in the push-up position. As you lay flat on the floor with your arms fully extended, use the dumbbells as support. Lift one weight off the floor very carefully while pointing your elbow upward. Be careful to perform a single, fluid motion before lowering your arm back down as quickly as possible since you will be supporting your weight with one arm. You may get an excellent workout for your upper arms, shoulders, and back by doing this upper body workout for soccer players 15 times with each component.


Backpack push-ups


It would be best to switch to backpack push-ups when regular push-ups become ineffective due to increased upper-body strength. Wear gear filled with books and other blunt objects while doing push-ups to continue to build and train your upper-body muscles. As you continue to get stronger, add more items to your backpack. Using a universal training bar, you may also change your position slightly to add some variety. This is the amazing upper body workout for soccer players which effectively increases the upper body strength.


Dips in equalizer


Stretch both legs before you and support your weight with equalizer bars or parallel handrails. Start with your arms fully extended, and while breathing in, slowly lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. You must make your level of breath slow as you raise yourself back to your starting posture. This upper body workout for soccer players gives your shoulders, biceps, and triceps an excellent workout because it uses your body weight as resistance.


Soccer players should perform upper body exercises to improve nearly all of their physical abilities. Spending the time and effort to build more muscular arms, chest, and back muscles will help you become a better all-around football player.


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