Using Arms in Soccer: Rules and Tips That You Must Know

People often have queries about using arms in soccer because determining what is and is not allowed can be difficult. To clarify things, we compile a list of rules for using arms in soccer. In this sport, players can use their arms in specific situations.  


Rules – Using Arms in Soccer:


If you think you can use your arms in soccer, you must look at the following to learn where to use or not to use your arms in soccer.


When to Use Arms?


  • To Defend: As a defender in soccer, you can protect the soccer ball by using your arms.
  • To Communicate: Use your arms to signal your teammates that you want the soccer ball.
  • For Balance: You can aid your balance by extending your arms.
  • To Jump: Jumping high without using your arms is challenging.
  • To Run: Have you ever seen a soccer player who runs without using his/ her arms?
  • Goalkeeper: A goalie can utilise his/ her arms inside the yard box.


When to Not Use Arms?


  • To Touch the Soccer Ball: Outfield players are not permitted to touch the soccer ball using their arms.
  • To Push: You can’t push, as pushing in this game is a foul.
  • To Grab a Soccer Player: The referee will call a foul if you grab a soccer player or their shirt.
  • To Safeguard Your Face: If you use your arm to shield your face from the soccer ball, the referee will call a foul if the soccer ball contacts your arm.


Many players do not know how to use their arms and how to get the benefits of using arms in soccer. Learning the correct way of using your arms in soccer can help you to gain an advantage over other soccer players.


Using arms in soccer is a simple drill to acquire that will significantly boost your performance. Here we will provide you with the outstanding benefits of using arms in soccer and ultimate tips to develop the skill.


Look at the amazing benefits of using arms in soccer:


1. Enhance Technique


Your arms will help you to maintain your balance and momentum. Maintaining balance in soccer is essential for every aspect of the game. Excellent balance makes you tougher to knock down, eases dribbling and other drills, and increases your speed & agility.


Maintaining balance is vital for defenders. Many coaches instruct their players to get a defender off balance to beat him easily. Using your arms in soccer to support yourself will help you defend better.


Momentum helps you enhance your kicking technique. You will gain greater momentum when you properly utilise your arms while kicking. Momentum will boost the force of your kick.


2. Assist in Keeping Defenders Away


Use your arms to keep defenders from approaching the ball. To make defenders’ duties more difficult, use your arms while shielding & dribbling the soccer ball.


3. Maintain a Professional Look


People watching you will consider you a better player when you appear good. Using arms in soccer appears smooth & athletic. Always maintain a professional appearance. Professionalism improves your probability of making the team or attracting the attention of scouts.


Outstanding Tips on how to use your arms in soccer:


1. Don’t Extend Your Arms Fully


You will be fined if you extend your arms fully while playing soccer. Raise & lower your arms repeatedly to avoid being fined. Referees will not call a penalty if you extend your arm and then swiftly drop it within seconds.


2. Keep Your Arms at Your Side


Keep your arms down at all times except in the case of kicking the ball. Your arms should never touch a player’s chest, just his hips or stomach. You will be penalised if you raise your arms high and make contact with another player.


3. Delay Defender by Using Your Arms


Every time you defeat another player, you should perfectly utilise your arms. Extend your arm and push the defender when you pass them. This will cause defenders to turn and come after you for a few seconds.


4. Make It Your Habit to Use Arms


 Making use of your arms will be easier if you make it a habit. Make utilising your arms your primary goal for your upcoming events. Consider using your arms during every practice & training session. Over time, using arms will become your habit, and you will use your arms automatically.


Now, you can understand when to use or not use your arms in soccer. Correctly use of arms in soccer can significantly improve your performance. The skills of using arms seem simple, but it takes time to develop. You must practise and practice regularly to take advantage of using arms in soccer. Get in touch with us for more soccer skills and their benefits!