What Are Soccer Lesson Plans And Do You Need Them?

Soccer lesson plans are a relatively modern concept, and they make for one of the key  ingredients that allow for professional soccer players to achieve the levels they have.


If you look at soccer today, and soccer back in the days when it was still in its infancy, the difference is quite stark. 


While back in the day a ‘professional’ team of players consisted of just about anyone interested, nowadays soccer players are examples of how far the human body can physically progress.


This growth is thanks to a lot of things. Sports science and a general better understanding of the human body have been the main contributors. 


Soccer lesson plans have also played a key role in this development. It is thanks to soccer lesson plans that we have soccer players being active and in superior shape in their 30s. 


To an extent hearing this might come off as far-fetched. However, we are confident that by the end of this post we will convince you that soccer lesson plans are genuinely underrated and misunderstood.


What Are Soccer Lesson Plans?


Soccer Dribbling Skills


Soccer lesson plans are the plan behind the progression of soccer teams or soccer players. They consist of a curriculum that can range from technical development to physical progression.


Essentially, soccer lesson plans are to soccer what the curriculum is to school kids. A mapped out plan that leads to improvements of the players. 


Soccer lesson plans can consist of anything. Starting from basic drills, all the way down to dietary plans and sleep regiments. 


Most famous soccer players, the ones you are familiar with and love to follow, have very specific plans and follow said plans to a ‘T’.


For example, you might have heard before that Cristiano Ronaldo trains for about 6 hours per day, every day of the week.


Granted, the reports behind this point to the fact that this happened only during a specific period of time, when Ronaldo was working to recover as quickly as possible for an upcoming match.


While the validity of these claims has at times been questioned, this nonetheless, makes for a great example of what a soccer lesson plan could be.


We can find it in very specific things, such as a player trying to recover, and you can also find it in very broad things, such as the training plan for an entire team, subs included. 


What Are The Best Soccer Lesson Plans?


Soccer Ball At Foot


Knowing what soccer lesson plans are, and how they can be used, it is only reasonable that we ask what would be the best sort of plan for us.


To answer that you need to look at your goals and your aspirations. What are you looking for? As much as we would like to answer this question, it can be really tricky to do so.


To find the best soccer lesson plan for you, you need to work closely with your coach and come up with something that works best for your needs.


Going back to the example of Ronaldo training 6 hours per day, that training plan was created specifically for him and even more so for his needs at the time. 


Allow me to take your attention away from the matter at hand for a second, and let you know about a little something that I went through.


I had gone through 2 seasons of my local teen league, without seeing much improvement at all, as far as my skills were concerned at least. 


Without hesitation, I was always the first to show up for training and the last one to leave. I did every drill, and put as much effort as my 5’ 7’’ body possibly could.


Yet again, my skills didn’t improve at all. I went online back then, to try and find out how to imporce. Googling “Why am I such a loser”, was a smart move but yielded no results.


Female Soccer Player On Bench


I remember feeling desperate and thinking that no matter how much I try, I will never learn to dribble better, to shoot with proper technique, etc.

This all changed when I had a heart to heart with my then coach. In a nonchalant manner, he explained to me that the training I had been doing wasn’t meant to help me improve as a solo player.


It was part of the soccer lessons plan that the coach had devised with the whole team in his mind. The training wasn’t meant to help me improve, it was for us to improve. 


Understanding this is important for our purposes today. If you want to progress, or achieve something specific, you need a specific plan that will get you there!


Now, you might be thinking “Well, I don’t have the budget that Cristiano Roanldo does. How can I get soccer lesson plans that are tailor-made for me?”


I didn’t either (I still don’t), but finding a coach that can provide specific plans that are made with you as an individual in mind is easier and cheaper than you might think.


There are companies that can find you a local coach who will do precisely that for you. Create a training plan that is based on your preferences and their professional evaluation. 


You can register today, and start working on this goal. Of course, it goes without saying that you can do this for yourself, or you can register your children for something like this.


To briefly touch back with my story, I did improve immensely once I started doing tailor-made training and drills that allowed me to focus on specific areas that I was lacking. 


Finding someone to help me with that was a real challenge back in the day, but fortunately enough for you it doesn’t have to be the same. 


To conclude, soccer lesson plans have helped take the game of soccer to a new level, by allowing athletes to progress to levels unheard of before.


And, the very best soccer lesson plans for you, are ones that are created with you and your needs in mind – best created by a professional. 



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