Bicycle Kick – The Most Acrobatic Move of the Soccer

A bicycle kick, also known as an overhead kick, is a gymnastic-style kick in soccer where a player jumps and kicks the ball back over their head. It’s often used to score spectacular goals. Performing an overhead kick, in soccer is considered difficult as it requires a lot of technical skill, athleticism, and practice. It is a high-risk, high-reward move that requires good timing, coordination, and confidence. Only experienced and talented players are able to execute a bicycle kick goal successfully in a game.


Key Attributes to Score a Bicycle Kick Goal:


  • Timing: Wait for the ball to come to you at the right height and angle.


  • Jump: Jump up high with your back facing the goal.


  • Kick: Kick the ball backwards with both feet, making contact with the top of your feet.


  • Follow through: Complete the motion by bringing your legs down and landing on your feet.


  • Practice: Perfect your technique by practicing on your own and with a coach.


Performing an overhead kick is a high-risk, high-reward move that requires good timing, coordination, and confidence.


Are Bicycle Kicks a Challenging Task?


The bicycle or overhead kick is among the trickiest and riskiest moves you can perform on a soccer pitch. It’s a tribute to how difficult it is that the most famous overhead kick goals have largely all been scored by the greatest football players in history.


It’s uncommon to witness this soccer skill, even in the World Cup, the sport’s most renowned international competition; instead, you’re more probably to see it during the Champions League or elite local European matches. An excellent illustration of this was the stunning Cristiano Ronaldo overhead kick, that sealed Real Madrid’s 3-0 Champions League victory against Juventus in 2019.


Bicycle Kick Technique: How to Perform Overhead Kick Goal?


Effectively using the bicycle kick soccer technique is no easy task. However, it can definitely be done if you put in the effort. We’ll go through how to execute an overhead kick on your own in this portion of the article.


  • Step-1: First, turn your back on the goal. The ball will be struck over your head and in the opposite direction from how you are facing when you strike it.


  • Step-2: Push into the air with your kicking foot. Your second foot will fall into line and begin to pedal after this. You should elevate your weaker foot as high as you can when it lifts.


  • Step-3: Toss your body backward while in midair. Try to avoid falling back too quickly as you lower your head and shoulders. Extend your kicking leg straight up as you do this. Return your non-kicking foot back onto the ground by “bicycling” your legs while your momentum swings rearward.


  • Step-4: Use the ridge on the toughest area of your footwear to strike the ball. Kick the ball with force on the side away from the goal, driving it behind your head.


  • Step-5: Prepare yourself for collision with the ground. Spread your arms out in front of you to soften your fall and prevent a forceful impact on your head or back on the ground.


Bicycle Kick Work- out Methods:


Here are some exercises to help improve your ability to perform an overhead kick in soccer:


  • Plyometric jumps: Jumping exercises such as box jumps or jump squats can help improve your vertical leap.


  • Leg strength: Squats and lunges can help build the muscles in the kicking motion.


  • Core stability: Plank and Russian twists can help improve your balance and stability.


  • Ball control: Practicing juggling, dribbling, and shooting can help improve your overall ball control and coordination.


  • Overhead kicks: Practice kicking the ball overhead from different positions to get comfortable with the motion.


It’s important to remember that success in performing a bicycle kick requires a combination of strength, agility, and technique. Consistent practice and training are crucial for improvement.




The bicycle or overhead kick is among the most acrobatic moves a soccer player can perform. It entails making a shot while the ball is still in the air. Such a shot necessitates a high level of technical proficiency. The bicycle kick in soccer has grown to be one of the most renowned and recognized moves in sports due to its complexity, difficulty, and rarity of witnessing a player perform it.