Mastering the Cruyff Turn – A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

In the intricate tapestry of soccer, where the intersection of finesse and strategy defines the boundary between proficiency and brilliance, the significance of mastering signature moves becomes paramount. Among these, the Cruyff turn, a gem in the crown of soccer artistry, emerges as a quintessential dribbling technique that seamlessly combines elegance with effectiveness.


Pioneered by the maestro Johan Cruyff, this deceptive maneuver is a testament to the beauty inherent in the sport. In the following guide, we embark on an in-depth exploration, breaking down the nuances of the Cruyff Turn into a comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap. 

Beginners Guide 

Aimed specifically at beginners, this guide seeks not only to unravel the intricacies of the technique but also to instill an appreciation for the artistic flair it brings to the world of soccer. Join us on this journey as we delve into the mastery of the Cruyff move, a move that transcends the boundaries of conventional skill, elevating the game to a realm where every pivot and feint tells a story of creativity and prowess.

Understanding the Cruyff Turn:

This turn is a deceptive dribbling maneuver designed to wrong-foot defenders by swiftly changing direction while maintaining control of the ball. It’s a skill that embodies grace and has been utilized by some of the most legendary players in the history of soccer.

Step 1: Body Positioning

Initiate this turn by approaching the defender at a moderate pace. Plant your non-dominant foot firmly next to the ball while angling your body as if you’re preparing to pass or shoot. This subtle shift in positioning creates a moment of uncertainty for the defender.

Step 2: Feinting the Pass or Shot

The key to a successful Cruyff turn soccer lies in the feint. Pretend you’re about to pass or shoot by swinging your kicking foot back as if loading for a shot. Simultaneously, use your shoulders to sell the idea of the impending action.

Step 3: Dragging the Ball

With the defender momentarily off-balance, deftly drag the ball behind your planted foot using the inside of your dominant foot. This swift motion conceals the ball from the defender’s reach, setting the stage for the decisive turn.

Step 4: The Turn

Rotate your body 180 degrees, pivoting on the planted foot. Simultaneously, use the inside of your dominant foot to guide the ball away from the defender. This rapid change in direction catches opponents off guard, creating space for you to accelerate away with the ball.

Step 5: Acceleration

As you complete the turn, immediately accelerate away from the defender. This burst of speed is crucial to capitalize on the gained separation and maintain possession of the ball. Keep the soccer ball close to your feet for optimal control.

Step 6: Practice, Practice, Practice

Mastering the Cruyff move requires consistent practice. Arrange cones or employ markers to replicate game situations. Practice the move at varying speeds and from different angles to enhance your comfort and proficiency with the technique.

Step 7: Integrating the Cruyff Turn into Gameplay

Once you’ve honed your Cruyff move in training, the next step is to seamlessly incorporate it into actual gameplay. Recognize situations where the defender is anticipating a pass or shot, and surprise them with the sudden change in direction offered by the Cruyff move.

Cruyff Turn in Soccer Culture

The influence of this turn extends beyond the pitch. It has become a symbol of soccer artistry, with players worldwide attempting to replicate its magic. From youth academies to professional arenas, the Cruyff move is celebrated as a testament to creativity and skill.


Mastering this turn is a journey that needs patience, dedication & consistent practice. Aspiring soccer players should view this move not just as a technique but as an art form that adds flair to their gameplay. By following these step-by-step instructions, beginners can embark on the path to integrating the soccer Cruyff turn into their skill set, elevating their performance on the soccer field.

Final Words:

As you work towards perfecting the Cruyff move, don’t forget to explore other iconic moves that contribute to the rich tapestry of soccer skills. If you’re hungry for more soccer artistry, consider diving into the world of acrobatics with our comprehensive guide on the overhead kick in soccer. Discover the secrets behind this breathtaking maneuver and learn how to unleash its potential in the heat of the game. 


The world of soccer is a canvas and each skill you master adds another stroke to your masterpiece. Happy practicing, and may your journey on the field be filled with both the elegance of the Cruyff move and the awe-inspiring athleticism of the Overhead Kick!