Soccer Gloves: Ultimate Tips Make Your Gloves Last Longer

When a goalie enters the box, there might not be any other piece of equipment that is more important than soccer gloves. Soccer goalie gloves are specially designed to enhance grip while protecting a goalkeeper’s hands.


But if you wish to help make sure soccer goalkeeper gloves perform well, you will need to give proper care to them. Here we bring some fantastic tips for cleaning and upkeep of goalie gloves that are essential to keep in mind to extend the life of your soccer gloves:


Keep Them Clean:


During games and practice, your soccer gloves will become dirty. When the palms of the gloves become dirty, it offers less grip due to dirt. If too much dirt is built up, the latex in the palm and fingers can start to erode when you touch the soccer ball.


Sweating can also be problematic. In addition to making your soccer goalkeeper gloves stink, it can also encourage the growth of bacteria in the latex, which weakens the material of gloves.


It’s vital to wash the gloves after every use to avoid this from happening.


Washing Goalie Gloves:


To start washing, take warm water in a bucket or sink. You do not require anything else to clean gloves, but if you want to give them a little more freshness, you can use the gloves wash, specially designed for cleaning gloves


There are two common techniques to clean soccer goalkeeper gloves:


Place your soccer gloves in the water and scrub them with your other hand. Avoid using the brush to clean the gloves as this can damage gloves. While washing, squeeze out the dirt many times.


Utilize your other hand to clean the dirt and work it out of the goalkeeper’s glove. Then perform the same with the other glove too. To help get rid of remaining dirt or glove wash, run them under the running water.


Never wring or rub the gloves together to remove moisture. . The most you should ever do is compress the gloves to get rid of extra water and dirt. Keep in mind to wash your gloves inside with water to remove dirt or sweat from the inside.


Goalkeeper Gloves Drying:


It’s very crucial that you properly dry your goalie gloves. To dry them properly, either cover them in a towel or hang them in the shower. To help the goalie gloves to absorb more water, you can insert rolled-up paper inside the gloves.


Never expose them to direct heat, such as a hairdryer, or let them dry in the sun. Though it may be appealing, you should avoid putting your gloves in the washer or dryer. These techniques can damage the gloves, especially the palms.


Reminders for Game Day Care:


Do you know that your gloves work best when they are moist? The gloves’ tackiness and resistance to wear and tear could be enhanced by lightly moistening the palms of the gloves.


Make a fist and push up with your fingers rather than your palms if you find yourself on the ground during a game or during practice. You can lessen the occurrence of tearing by keeping the latex palms off the ground.


Extra Tips:


If you purchase a new pair of soccer gloves, wash and dry them properly before using them the first time. It will be beneficial in enhancing the grip.


After you have finished wearing your soccer goalie gloves for the season, store the gloves in a cool and moist environment. Purchase a ventilated glove bag specially designed to keep your gloves safe until their subsequent use. You can also store your gloves in a larger freezer bag.


Keep in mind that do not place your palms with the gloves together as they could be wedged together and slashed.


Be careful not to leave your soccer gloves in an area where they can be trampled.


Make sure the gloves you’re wearing fit. They may deteriorate quickly if they are overly large. Too-tight soccer gloves risk tearing.


Taking care of your gloves may extend their lifespan and improve how well you defend your goal on the field. So maintain the grip of your soccer gloves and help keep your swing straight and true with the above-mentioned goalkeeper gloves care tips.