Soccer Speed Drills: Tips to Get Faster For Soccer

In soccer, speed is the thread that binds all other abilities into a prosperous player and team. Therefore soccer speed drills must be included in team-building exercises. If your team wants to have a competitive edge during a game, dribbling, passing, and shooting are essential. But if your players aren’t fast, they won’t have a chance.


Speed In Soccer Refers To Four Main Elements(Soccer Speed Drills): 


1. Pure Speed: The pace at which a player moves from one point to another, whether or not they are carrying the ball.


2. Technical Speed: Game action speed is the ability to control and manipulate the ball quickly while changing direction as needed.


3. Reaction Speed: It is the capacity to quickly process and respond to teammates’ and opponents’ actions.


4. Mental Speed: It is about making quick judgments during the match.


When you examine these elements thoroughly, you will see that the game is the only way to perfect them. However, a few soccer speed drills can assist you in developing the basis for the four types of speed mentioned above.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that speed alone is insufficient. Soccer conditioning drills must be added to the mix as well. The latter will guarantee that your soccer team can play through the 7 to 9.5 miles of running required by a soccer match with a lower risk of muscle injuries.


Ultimate Tips to Get Faster For Soccer:


Soccer Speed Drills – Running Uphill Exercise:


You want to make sure that your athletes combine regular running activity with strength exercises when learning how to run faster in soccer. Exercises designed for the gym, including leg extensions and squats, can help improve general strength and muscle power. However, these activities don’t involve much running.


Contrarily, hill work entails running straight ahead while using more effort to overcome gravity. This results in strong muscle contractions, which lengthen and speed up strides when running. These soccer speed drills help your players acquire good acceleration and arm movement mechanisms, both of which are essential.


Set up & execution:


1. Choose a low slope in your area.


2. Before starting one of the best soccer drills for speed, allow your team to warm up  by jogging.


3. Allow them to run uphill for five seconds from the bottom of the slope and then walk back to the starting place.


4. After another seven seconds of uphill running, let them stroll back down.


5. To help them cool down, have them sprint uphill for an additional 10 seconds.


6. Before starting another set, the players take 2-3 minutes to recover. Finish 3 to 5 sets each session. Allow them to perform this exercise a minimum of once every seven days.


Drill for Leaning, Falling & Accelerating:


This one is the most basic soccer speed drills. Because it teaches proper sprinting and running body angles, the majority of soccer coaches and trainers consider it as one of the necessary speed drills for soccer. It also assists in developing front and rears running mechanisms when teaching players how to accelerate from a standing position.


Set up & execution:


  • To stand, instruct the athletes to space their feet hip-width apart. For explosiveness, they must also maintain rigidity from the neck to the toes.
  • The player begins standing straight and steadily leans forward till they are on their face.
  • Instruct them to lift their heel to stand on the soccer balls of their feet as they lean. They shouldn’t stoop to their waists.
  • The athletes should drive their one knee up when pushing off the pitch with the other leg to run forward to explode out of the soccer ball. The players should bend their elbows at 90 degrees to build enough strength for the race.
  • The athlete picks up speed and sprints for 20 yards before stopping to walk back for recovery.
  • Repeat 6–8 times, stopping to rest as needed. 


Sprint-Backpedal Repeats:


The ability to move from running forward to backpedaling is essential for a great soccer player. This is one of the crucial soccer speed drills for defenders. However, everyone else on the soccer team, including the goalkeeper, should be able to follow the ball’s progress.


The sprint backpedal drill is a basic soccer speed drill that emphasizes this skill. This activity is suggested because, when mastered, it remarkably resembles movements made naturally during a match.


Set up & execution:


  • Start by positioning five cones in a straight line with five yard distance between them.
  • The athlete begins at cone one, leans forward, and then sprints to cone three.
  • The athlete quickly backpedals to cone two at cone three.
  • They then backpedal to cone three after pulling forward at a full run up to cone four.
  • Finally, they reverse course and sprint to cone five before breaking gradually.

Dynamic Suicide Running Drill:


Suicides are one of the earliest high-intensity soccer speed drills that entail sprinting as quickly as you can to a number of increasingly distant places. By making your players work through physical and mental tiredness to achieve a predetermined goal, this drill teaches them to play soccer more rapidly.


Set up & execution:


  • To start, five cones should be placed in line with 10 to 15 yards between them.
  • After sprinting from cone one to cone two, the athlete turns around and sprints back to cone one.
  • Sprint from cone one to cone three, turn the cone, and then sprint back to cone one.
  • Run back to cone one to finish one rep after repeating this pattern to the fifth cone

Because quickness is so crucial to soccer, improving it can give you a distinct advantage over your rivals. Try above mentioned soccer speed drills to get that advantage. The secret to seeing results is to train consistently. Always tell your players to pay attention to their bodies for signs of discomfort, injury, or overexertion. When completing these speed activities, put safety first, and be sure you warm up and cool down properly. Encourage your players to enjoy themselves while accepting the work!