Statistics in Soccer: How It Help Youth Soccer Players

The main goal of young soccer players is development. Even though the majority of youth soccer groups and teams claim that growth is their main goal, most children still define success in terms of winning because winning is the only thing that we assess. This is why statistics in soccer are so important.


Statistics assist young soccer players in redefining how they define success and allowing them to measure what really matters – their growth. We have realized statistics in soccer drastically changed the mentality and confidence of young soccer players. Soccer statistics also help young players to enjoy and love soccer more.


Here we list some top most benefits we realize most often:


More Fun – Statistics in Soccer:


With statistics in soccer, players get immediate feedback on their contribution as well as how they are going and improving. Because children enjoy video games so much, thus with immediate feedback, they enjoy the game more. Statistics of soccer enable children to level up their game, making improvement a touchable reality and making the young soccer sports experience more enjoyable.


Increased Confidence: 


Nothing boosts confidence more than success. And if children measure success by whether or not they win the game, more than half of them fail every week. What an awful model for boosting self-esteem. Significant statistics in soccer help each player to recognize what is performed well in each game and how to improve. Thus statistics boost confidence.


Meaningful Insights:


After a soccer coach or parent assists a child with what they need to improve on two or three times, they begin to tune it out. However, children trust data, and data is not an emotional clutter when communicating with them like parents often are. Statistics of soccer show where the soccer players were above & below their personal and position averages in every element of their soccer game. This makes it simple for them to determine where they should concentrate their training efforts to boost their performance.


More Motivation:


Competition is an extremely effective motivator. And statistics in soccer establish a competitive environment that is extremely appealing to children since it is fair and objective, just like video games. So they do not receive the coach’s attention for their performance or how much they have progressed.


Guaranteed Visibility:


Children often believe that coaches have their favorites which they frequently do. Statistics in soccer assure kids that this does not occur. You may now demonstrate that you are winning the soccer ball for your side, completing more passes, or making more goals or assists per minute than any other soccer player on the ground.


There are a lot of things to manage when you are guiding a team, including subs, tactical tweaks, in-match coaching, and sometimes referees and parents. Even coaches with years of experience are unable to see everything. Real-time statistics in soccer are a fantastic tool for coaches to use to confirm what they are seeing, find out what they may be missing, and make excellent match-in adjustments to assist their team and players in achieving success.


If you are a soccer coach, soccer player, or soccer parent who is not considering soccer statistics to speed your growth and boost your youth soccer experience, you are missing out. Because without statistics in soccer, you can’t see everything and thus can’t boost what you can’t see. Therefore if you truly want to make improvements, you should start measuring performance with the help of soccer statistics. Various tools in the market allow a single person on the sidelines to gather real-time statistics in soccer for every player on the ground.