Use These 7 Best Soccer Drills to Improve Dribbling Skills

Become a better soccer player so your team can win the game!


You know that feeling when you are in the middle of a game and the ball goes out of bounds. You get frustrated and feel kind of lost. That is because dribbling is more than just a skill to have, it is an essential part of the game!


Soccer players are fast and accurate, but it does not happen overnight. Soccer skills progress only with a proper soccer training routine. Therefore, for you to get becoming like Cristiano Ronaldo simply dribbling the ball around will not be enough.


The first thing that you need to know or keep in mind about dribbling is how not to do it. Dribbling is not simply running with the ball at your feet.

Use These 7 Best Soccer Drills to Improve Dribbling Skills


1. Low Cone Weaves



The Cone Drill is a drill designed specifically to help soccer players improve their dribbling skills at any level. Not only does it provide self-paced training, but it also shows instant improvements so you know what exercises are working and which ones need improvement.


  • A cone drill is set up with six or more cones in a row
  • Each 1 to 1.5yard apart from the next
  • Start in front of the first cone
  • Then dribbles around each cone before returning to the first one
  • And then repeats this process 4/5 times

This drill will help improve your body control and agility while also improving your ball control skills.


2. The Figure Eight with Head-Up Dribbling



The figure eight is a move that is often used to get past defenders and to create space for a shot. It also helps you to control the ball better and great body balance.


  • Set up 2 cones 1.5 or 2 meter apart
  • Start from first cone then dribble between the cones
  • Turnaround from second cone and stop at where you started
  • Repeat the same process after 1 minute interval for 15 minutes


3. Zig-Zag Line Weave


  • Set up 5 cones in a zig-zag weave 4 or 5 yards apart
  • Start dribbling outside the cones from start to end point
  • Repeat the process at least 3 time to develop the skill

4. The Wall Drill



This drill is great for developing speed and ball control while also improving your ability to play under pressure from defenders.


  • Get a partner to stand about 20 yards away from you
  • Set up a wall made up of cones or markers about 2 yards apart
  • Your partner will then stand behind the wall with their arms outstretched and try to stop you from getting past them using any means necessary (heading, tackling, grabbing ankles etc.)
  • You must move at full speed

It is important that you have enough room around you so that there isn’t any danger of running into other players or objects when trying to get past your opponent.


5. The L-Cone Dribble



  • Set up 5 cones in L shape 4-5 yard apart
  • Dribble around each cone from first cone to the last
  • Repeat the process

6. The Trio Cone Weave


  • Set up 3 cones 4 or 5 yards apart
  • Start dribble from first cone to the middle cone
  • Come back from where you start
  • Then run away as fast as you can to the third cone
  • Repeat the same drill other way around

7. The Cross-Over Dribble



The cross-over dribble is a maneuver in football (soccer) that is used to beat an opponent. This move can be done by the player with the ball running at their opponent, running around them and dribbling past them in the opposite direction.


  • Show defensive position in front of opposing players
  • To maintain control on ball, use your dominant foot and circle around the ball
  • Hit the ball with middle of the foot in the opposite direction of your cross-over
  • Push the ball farther but not too far to keep control

In conclusion, soccer dribbling is a critical skill for players to master. It is important for players to work on their skills in order to be successful.


It can be used as a method of attack or as a way of avoiding defending players. You can make your own variations in all dribbling drills.


A player who is good at dribbling will have the ball under close control, able to change direction at any time, and will be able to pass it or shoot without losing possession.


Show off your skills in defeating defenders, as this will lead to higher passes and shots on goal!