The Best Practice Methods for 3 Basic Soccer Skills – Juggling, First Touch and Passing

Basic Soccer Skills – When it comes to blazing brightly on the soccer field, the phrase “practice makes perfect” has never been more accurate. No matter their age or ability level, ambitious soccer players frequently question how to sharpen their talents. Some look for personal trainers, while others join clubs and competitions hoping to be noticed.


This article is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to play soccer, regardless of whether it is their first time. Whatever your soccer objectives are, there are several approaches to polish your basic soccer skills and improve your technique.


Let’s discuss how three basic soccer skills such as jugging, first touch, and passing, must be practiced to enhance overall performance on the soccer field.


1. Juggling


Juggling is one of the best basic soccer skills because it improves ball control and coordination. Juggling can also help players develop a better sense of the ball’s movement and trajectory, which can be especially useful when receiving, passes or making crosses.


Here are a few tips for enhancing your juggling skills:


  • Start with a basic juggling pattern, such as juggling the ball with your feet or thighs. Once you’re comfortable with this pattern, try to increase the number of touches before the ball hits the ground.


  •  Practice juggling with different parts of your body, such as your chest, head, and shoulders. This will help you develop a greater range of ball control and improve your ability to control the ball in tight spaces.


  •  Incorporate different types of juggling moves, such as heel taps, soles, and scissors. This will help you develop a more varied and dynamic juggling style.


  • Practice juggling with different types of balls, such as heavier or lighter balls or balls of different sizes. This will help you develop a greater range of ball control and improve your ability to control the ball in different situations.


  •  Practice juggling while moving, such as while walking or running. This will help you develop the ability to control the ball while on the move, which is an important skill for soccer players.


  •  Finally, as with any skill, practicing juggling consistently and regularly is a key element.

2. First Touch


First touch, also known as receiving the ball, is the act of controlling the ball with your feet or other body parts immediately after it has been passed to you. It’s considered one of the fantastic technical soccer skills because it can make a big difference in how effectively a team is able to play the ball and maintain possession.


Here is a list of a few practice methods that you can include in your soccer skills training to enhance your first touch:


  • Wall Passes: Find a wall and practice receiving passes by controlling the ball with different parts of your body (e.g., chest, feet, and thighs). Try to control the ball as close to the wall as possible to increase the difficulty.


  • Passing and Receiving: Practice passing and receiving the ball with a partner. Focus on controlling the ball with different parts of your body, and try to set yourself up for your next action after receiving the ball. Moreover, practice receiving the ball while moving.  


  •  Juggling: Practice juggling with different parts of your body; this will help you develop better ball control and coordination, which are essential for a good first touch.


3. Passing


All soccer players, whether amateur or experienced, should always practice passing methods in soccer skills training since they are incredibly important.


  • Passing drill with cones: Set up a series of cones in a line or a grid pattern. Practice passing the ball through the cones, focusing on accuracy and power.


  • Passing drill with a partner: Practice passing the ball back and forth with a partner. Focus on accuracy and timing, and try to use different types of passes, such as short passes, long passes, and through balls.


  • Passing and movement drill: Practice passing the ball while moving. This can be done with a partner or using cones to create a course. The idea is to work on passing the ball while on the move, which can be difficult.




Football players, whether amateur or professional, may compete and succeed using basic soccer skills. As a result, if you desire to play football like a pro, you must master the game’s best techniques of basic soccer skills and practice consistently to improve.