Soccer Ball Control Drills: Players Must Adhere

Soccer ball handling drills are striking abilities to easily control the ball. It’s well known that the top players can easily control the soccer ball out of the air and never miss it. You will perform better on match day if you work on improving your soccer ball control drills, first touch, and self-confidence.


If you want to enhance your soccer ball skills, keep reading, as here we present the best soccer ball control drills that are basic but effective. Take a look at the following to improve your ball control drills soccer:


Happy Feet:


It is one of the most crucial soccer ball control drills. Use the skill of happy feet to practise swapping the soccer ball between your feet. This drill translates onto the playground. When you master the “happy feet” skill, you can avoid tackles, control the soccer ball with your inside touch, and quickly transition the ball to your other foot to set up a ball pass or shoot.


Use the inner touch to transfer the soccer ball back and forward between your feet to practice happy feet. You will initially lose control of the soccer ball when learning the skill because you touch the ball too distant in front of you, or it gets trapped in between your feet.


As you practice this one of the valuable soccer ball control drills, you will be able to retain the soccer ball between your feet for a longer time. Once you have mastered the skill, try performing it while gazing forward. To orient yourself, occasionally glance at the soccer ball. Happy feet will work on the playground once you can achieve happy feet without glancing at the ball.


Toe Touches:


The fastest approach to mastering touching the top of the soccer ball is to use toe touches. To perform this skill, lift your knees up and touch the soccer ball’s top. Return your feet back to the floor while you repeat the skill with your second leg.


Start out gradually and then pick up the pace as you get more at ease. When performed quickly, this activity actually has some great cardio benefits. If you are practising with another player, try performing this activity on one half of the soccer ball while the other player will do the same on the other half.


Sole Roles:


This activity enhances sole touch. If you master it, you will easily roll the soccer ball away from competitors and roll the soccer ball forward to set up soccer movements in games. Use your second foot to roll the soccer ball back after you have rolled it to the side.


Practice different strategies to roll the soccer ball, halt with inner touch, then roll the ball back. The skill sounds too simple, but it can be difficult. When performing the drill, your place foot should “jump” slightly.


V Roll:


V roll is one of the prominent soccer ball control drills. To perform a v roll drill, touch the soccer ball forward, pull the ball across your body, and then use your other foot to touch it forward. Repeat your v roll activity with both your legs. Start gradually and then pick up the pace as you master the skill. As you perform this activity, a beat will develop.


The skill is challenging but worthwhile. In games, you can use movement to draw the ball away from defenders before exploding in the opposite direction.


Pull & Cut:


This is one of the great soccer ball control drills which are very effective in competitive situations. The movement can be used to quickly change the direction. Your internal and outside touch improves with this exercise. 


To perform the “pull and cut” practice, pull the ball back while keeping your body still, then touch the soccer ball behind your body with the leg that pulled the soccer ball with an inside touch.


Pull & Turn:


This workout is very effective in developing your outside touch and sole. To perform, pull the soccer ball back, and then cut back or to the side with the same foot outside. It’s easy to get away from defenders with this technique and then pass the ball back.


You can practice these soccer ball control drills for a longer period of time. Everything relies on how dedicated you are to grow. You will always get back from your practice what you put into it. Especially if you practice the soccer ball control drills methodically, deliberately, and with the right mindset.