Basic Soccer Techniques For Beginners

When picking up a new sport, you always start from the simple things. This is a proven method that works with everything. If you understand the solid groundwork of a given sport or subject, you can then go as high as you can using the right building blocks to create masterpieces on the ground of the basics with which you have familiarized yourself so well. Below you will find the basic soccer techniques you’ll witness on your first day of soccer.


Below you will find the basic techniques you’ll witness on your first day of soccer. This is what you need to learn to be able to play the game


Basic soccer techniques for stopping the football:


This might sound a bit strange. What’s so complicated about stopping a football? Well there’s a right way to do it and there’s a wrong way to do it. Allow me to show you the right way:


Once the ball is close to you feet, move your dominant foot so that the ball hits the inside of your foot. This will make it much easier for you to stop the ball without it moving away or move in ways that you don’t want the ball to move in.


This is why basic soccer techniques matter even for such, seemingly, unimportant things. When you use the inside of your foot to stop the ball you get the best results, with the least effort. 


Soccer Drills

Basic soccer techniques for passing: 


When it comes to passing there are many types of it that you can perform. The most basic of these is the grounded pass. Where you kick the ball through the ground to your teammate.


To pass the ball it is best to again use the inside of your foot. Kick the ball with that area, and based on the distance of the teammate that you want to pass, use the necessary power to drive the ball there. 


The lower you kick the ball, the higher the ball will go. If you want it to be grounded, kick the ball at the center.


Basic soccer techniques for crossing:


At first sight crossing might seem just like passing the ball in the air. Further examination will reveal that there’s more to it than that. 


When crossing you want to get the ball high enough for your teammates so they can head it into the goal. Crosses usually take place when you find yourself at either side of the goal, in a position from which you can’t shoot to score, or from corner kicks. 


The basic soccer techniques of crossing are simple. When kicking the ball use the inside of your foot again, and try to wrap the foot around the ball. If you can manage it, try to use the area in between your shoe laces and the area in the lower inside of your foot.


Corner Kick



Basic soccer techniques for shooting:


Shooting is probably the most fun thing about soccer in general. There is a fun feeling about kicking a football, that you can’t get from anything else. 


It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started soccer, you can feel it too. The only thing you need to avoid are some mistakes most people make when shooting. Do not use the front of your foot/toes to kick the ball, do not use the inside either. 


Shoot the ball using the bridge of your foot and partially the toes. You can turn your foot horizontally or vertically, it doesn’t matter. Remember that kicking low, means the ball will go flying away, and kick high means the ball will spin on the ground. 


Basic soccer techniques for ball control and movement:


Now that you know how to stop the football, pass it, cross it, and shoot it you need to learn how to walk and run with it. 


After stopping the ball, you can lay your foot on top of it to give it a roll in the direction that you want to run in. Turn the big toe of your dominant foot towards your other foot, and using the area around your pinky toe continuously tap the ball to make it move forward.


The key here is to touch the ball as many times as you can. This will allow you to control the ball better, and to keep it close to your foot, in case you need to shoot, pass or do something of the sorts. 




When trying to learn the basic soccer techniques you can use different drills. For passing and stopping the ball; use a wall. Pass the ball to the wall and when the ball comes back, stop it. For shooting just kick the ball as many times as you can, same goes for crossing.


For ball control and movement go to your local pitch and run around like the free person you are.


Best would be for you to combine these all. See what works for you and use it to improve. Remember that you need to focus on the basic soccer techniques. The more flashy, complex ones are easy to obtain down the line, if you get the basics right!

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