How to Maintain Soccer Goalie Gloves: A Guide

There is no getting past that soccer goalkeeper gloves don’t last forever, especially if you or your child plays at the highest level. Nonetheless, with proper care, you may extend the life of soccer goalie gloves and prevent premature wear and tear. Here’s how keepers can care for their gloves to extend their “shelf life” and performance.


Breaking Them In


Even if you select the ideal goalkeeper glove cut, size, and style, you will probably need to “break them in.” Simply put, breaking in goalkeeper gloves involves manually adjusting them until they fit, like a glove. It’s all about convenience here. If you don’t break it, the gloves could feel uncomfortable while you’re playing. Breaking them in eliminates this interruption, resulting in the ideal mix of accuracy and comfort.


How to Break In the Gloves


  • Wrap electrical or masking tape around the fingers of your soccer goalie gloves, folding them back and separating them apart
  • By catching or redirecting the ball or performing push-ups, you may put the gloves to the test

You’ll know the gloves are broken in when they feel comfortable.


Maintaining Their Grip and Tackiness


What is the primary role of your soccer goalie gloves? Grip. As the name suggests, the grip is how effectively the gloves stick to and hold the ball. Good-grip gloves make catching and keeping the ball easier, improving ball control. However, even the most outstanding goalkeeper gloves lose their grip with time. You must retain their grip (or tackiness) so it doesn’t vanish too quickly. Fortunately, keeping a gloved grip is simple.


Grip Maintenance in Goalkeeper Gloves


  • Use a spray that makes the palms more sticky
  • Avoid pushing off the palms of your hands (while on the ground)
  • Consider switching gloves. Using your gloves less often will save wear and tear and keep the palms sticky

Of course, the choice of soccer goalie gloves affects how long the grip lasts.


Cleaning and Drying


Before and after games, what you do with your soccer goalkeeper gloves is just as essential as what you do on the field. Now comes the washing and drying. Various cleaning processes and products can harm gloves, so using the correct ones is critical.

Avoid using harsh soaps, chemicals, and cleansers on household surfaces. You’re not moving to like what they do to your gloves! It’s also best to wash your gloves in warm water and avoid drying them in hot water.


Tips for Washing and Drying Soccer Goalie Gloves


  • Before using your gloves, make sure they’re clean. This eliminates any remaining soap used in the production area during manufacturing. In addition, cleaning them beforehand improves the gloves’ grip
  • Warm water should be used to rehydrate your gloves before using them and kept slightly wet (but not soaked)
  • After a game, clean the soccer gloves with warm water and mild soap. They must be washed by hand—no washing machines or harsh chemicals are allowed
  • Use a goalkeeper glove wash specially designed (optional but recommended)
  • Dry your gloves at room temperature and, like we already said, keep them away from heat

Storing Goalie Gloves


The key to storing soccer goalie gloves is to keep them free from potential risks. This includes keeping them away from heating elements, heaters, windows (through which light and heat can enter), and other heat sources. What’s your best bet? A calm, dark, and dry location. Keep them in a goalkeeper bag for extra protection, but keep that bag in a secure place.


Long Live Your Goalie Gloves


Don’t forget that getting the appropriate soccer goalie gloves from the beginning is the key to success. Caring for your gloves will help to minimize excessive wear and tear, but the construction of the gloves ultimately decides their shelf life. Choose wisely. Some goalkeeper gloves are designed with qualities that allow them to stand up to the forces of stopping and capturing the ball, increasing their lifespan.


In conclusion, correctly maintaining your soccer goalie gloves is crucial for preserving their quality and performance. You can prolong their lifespan by regularly cleaning them, allowing them to air dry, and storing them properly. Remember to avoid using harsh chemicals and check for any signs of wear and tear. These simple steps will ensure that your goalie gloves remain in excellent condition, providing optimal grip and protection on the field.