Soccer Dad – Parenting and Coaching

Soccer Dad

Parenting is challenging, but here’s a big surprise: It’s challenging to coach your child’s soccer team. You’re likely to run into several problems after you go inside the white lines and your kid puts on the shin protectors. Most of them ought to be small, but some could be issues you had never even considered before. Don’t worry! Coaching your child may be challenging and perplexing, but it can be a very gratifying experience for you if done right. Although there may be a few snags along the way, if the two of you work hard, you’ll have some wonderful experiences to cherish for the rest of your lives.


You are entering a familiar parenting ground because 85% of all volunteer soccer dad coaches have boys or girls playing on the team.


Discussing the choice with your child


You can use the following advice to decide whether you and your child are prepared for you to take the soccer dad coaching authority:


List all the benefits and drawbacks of becoming a coach with the aid of your child


On the plus side, you may mention that you and your child will be spending more quality time together than before and that, as the coach, you will ensure that everyone on the team has fun as they acquire new abilities. Resolve the drawbacks by coming up with solutions alongside your youngster. Because you are his father, your youngster could, for example, anticipate playing a particular position. 


Analyze your driving forces 


As a soccer dad, if you want to make your child a star, don’t try to train your son or daughter. The healthiest thing for your child’s entire development must come first, and harboring dreams of athletic prowess and college scholarships is a recipe for failure.


Tell your youngster that coaching is a tremendous privilege


It doesn’t imply you adore him any less because he “shares” you with the other kids during practices and games. Tell him that you have to support every one of the team members. By outlining your position to your child, you may improve comprehension and lower the likelihood of issues developing later in the season.


Putting a priority on kid-friendly field regulations


If you and your kid decide that you should take up the coaching duties, bear the following advice in mind as you go through the season and ways to create a connection with kids as a soccer coach:


  1. Keep in mind that you are still a soccer dad

You need to stop thinking like a coach and realize that you’re a parent first and ultimately, regardless of whether your team succeeds or fails. This involves asking your child whether they had fun and rewarding them for giving them it all while also modeling team spirit. Whether your youngster scored a goal or stumbled over the ball on a runaway, take them out for pizza or ice cream after the game.


  1. Keep speaking

You want your kids to know that they may come to you with any concerns or problems at any time so you can properly monitor how the season is proceeding. The fact that you are the soccer dad coach does not mean that specific subjects are off-limits now.


  1. Don’t force your child to practice at home

As a soccer coach dad, you might be tempted to work with your child as soon as you come home if he/she had poor practice. Never encourage your youngster in this. Ask them if they want to spend a little more time honing a certain ability that they might have some difficulty with in normal conversation. Your child’s interest in the sport may be drained if you push them to complete extra repetitions.


  1. Never compare your child with siblings

Let your kids grow at their rate. You should never put pressure on your kids to kick or handle the soccer ball as well as their brothers did when they were their age. They can feel less confident and have their self-esteem crushed by this kind of comparison.


  1. Praise your child 

Recognize your child’s openness, comprehension, and cooperation during this unique effort. Coaching your child as a soccer dad may be one of the most gratifying experiences you have ever had.


  1. Be cautious when conversing in the car

It’s common for adults to repeat games on their way home, and it’s OK if the child is actively participating in the conversation. However, if the game didn’t go as you hoped, don’t analyze every error and spend the journey asking the child why the team lost. 


  1. Preferential treatment

Whether they are aware of it or not, Soccer dad has a natural tendency to favor their offspring. The norm is that they offer their kids more match practice time, pay them more concentration during practices and games, and give those specialized responsibilities like a team captain. Favoritism destroys team spirit and puts your child in a tough situation with their team members.


Maintaining a balance between parenting and coaching as a soccer coach dad is not easy, but you can simplify and make it smooth by reading the tips and tricks we mentioned above.