Soccer Drills For Kids: Most Effective Workouts

Teaching little one’s age-appropriate soccer workouts and fundamental soccer training can be challenging. Young children between the ages of 8 to 14 years struggle with maintaining their focus and are very impressionable. Unfortunately, if the fundamentals of soccer drills for kids are incorrectly imparted, those early impressions may develop poor soccer form and technique.


For good reasons, soccer is one of the fastest expanding child sports. You can establish healthy, competitive ways for little ones to get outside and keep them active while teaching them the fundamentals of soccer drills.


We present a list of the most effective soccer workouts for kids that you may use in your coaching sessions. These workouts can help kids get more comfortable with field movement, shooting, soccer ball handling, passing, and fitness. Take a look at the fun soccer drills for kids to help them to become professional soccer players:


Basic running lines:


For kids’ soccer training routines, excellent running technique is essential because the average soccer player runs about six kilometres per game. Training your kids to run steadily for extended periods and quickly for little periods is a common aspect of general conditioning. Including interesting and fun soccer drills for kids is essential because running can be boring to young soccer players.


Teaching appropriate running techniques to your young players will help them prevent themselves from injury. It’s well known that children are more energetic than adults, so teaching them how to run properly should come first when teaching them soccer drills.


Before practice, line up your team members straight and have them run a couple of circuits around the field. Call specific players by their names and inspire them to run to the front of the line. Doing this allows you to view their form and provide feedback to speed up and improve their performance. Imparting fundamental running techniques is the key to teaching soccer to kids.




Soccer players may run forward, weave between other players, or even backpedal. Practice backpedalling during your warm-up can be helpful. Teacher your kids to keep your heads up and look out to their team in order to prevent trips.


The soccer players must maintain an open hip position to receive incoming passes from their team. You can also add your backpedalling workout to your running warm-up at the start of practice. Call out soccer players’ names to side shuffle out of the running line and backpedal to the end of the running line, just like you did when you called out specific individuals to spring to the head of the line.


Passing in doubles:


It can be challenging for the young players to get a feel for the ball, but it is crucial for gaining control. When pairing your soccer players, have them stand comfortably apart from one another. Encourage them to start passing to one another with the inside of their feet. It is one of the best soccer drills for kids that teaches them how to receive and pass the ball with ease, enabling the subsequent player to stop the ball and kick forward easily.


Goal kicking:


It is the highlighting point for kids and experienced players and the main reason to come to practice. Young players will be incredibly excited and captivated by scoring. Place one of your coaches or an assistant in the goal while keeping your soccer players at a distance. Have them practice shooting by “passing” in front of themselves, rushing towards the pass, and then attempting a goal.


Stop to turn:


One of the best and most effective soccer drills for kids. Soccer players must develop their ability to dodge defenders. Players should kick a ball in front of them to demonstrate this talent. Teach your kids to shorten their strides and stop, stopping the soccer ball with the help of the bottom of their foot. Once your player has mastered this technique, have them turn over the soccer ball and change directions.


Sharpening the little one’s soccer abilities can be intimidating because of their short attention span. Coaches should concentrate on multi-skill soccer drills for kids that keep them interested and entertained. We provided some of the best workouts for kids to give new and fresh ideas to the soccer coaches. Each of the above-mentioned soccer drills for kids will generate excitement and present some fundamentals of basic soccer passing drills for kids.