Best Way to Shoot a Soccer Ball – A Complete Guide

The best way to shoot a soccer ball is a crucial and necessary talent for any soccer player. Practice is the key to mastering appropriate techniques

A good shot involves:


  • Assessing the field’s conditions.
  • Placing your non-kicking foot.
  • Powerfully propelling your leg forward.


In this blog, we will get you through how to shoot a soccer ball with power. 


Best Way to Shoot a Soccer Ball – Look up before kicking the ball:


1. Look up at the pitch in front of you before you shoot.

2. Pay close attention to the direction you want the ball to move.

3. Keep track of where the goalie, defenders, and teammates are located.

4. When a teammate has a better shot opportunity, use this knowledge to adapt your shot or pass.


Professional athletes have known the best way to shoot a soccer ball without looking up. They understand where they are on the pitch through in-game experience. Since looking up slightly slows down the shot, this frequently occurs close to the goal.


Pay attention to the details:


When you are ready to kick the ball, you must stay staring down at the ball. This produces more robust, more accurate and the best way to shoot a soccer ball.


Run with even strides in the direction of the ball:


Maintain the length of your strides at what it would be while running. You will risk losing equilibrium if you stretch forward too much or take a series of quick steps. Stand as far as necessary to take three or four steps to reach the ball when kicking a motionless ball.


Place the ball next to your non-kicking foot:


The location of the foot determines the ball’s path. A shoulder’s breadth or so away from your other foot, place it next to the ball. You should feel at ease traveling a reasonable, medium distance. Keep your toes pointed directly at the finish line.


When you need to raise the ball higher, such as kicking over a wall of defenders, placing your foot farther away from the ball assists. This is the best way to shoot a soccer ball.


Kicking leg extended as far as possible:


The more power you provide, the further your leg can be brought back. Keep your toes pointed down and bend your leg at the knee. Your leg should appear to be in the shape of a “V” while kicking correctly. To become more flexible, stretch your legs frequently as this is the best way to shoot a soccer ball.


Holding your ankle firmly:


In the best way to shoot a soccer ball, it is also referred to as locking your ankle. Continue to place your foot firmly, straight, and downward. As you kick the ball, your ankle shouldn’t move at all. Your shot will be weaker if you move.


Standing straight when kicking:


You have the most influence over the ball’s trajectory when maintaining a neutral posture. If a small amount of leaning comes naturally, strive to lean only a little. Focus on turning to face the objective instead.


You might lean back too much if the ball frequently sails over the net. You can lean forward too much if it remains lower than you’d want.


Aim for the ball’s center:


Decide where you want your foot to land on the ball. Most of the time, the center is the ball’s area closest to you. You may generate much power by kicking it in the middle while controlling your shot.


Kick the ball slightly lower than the center to raise your shot in the air. Kick the ball to the left or right of the center to bend it. The ball curves to the right when you kick on the left. It will oblique to the left when kicked on the right side.


For a more powerful shot, strike the ball with your shoelaces:


With the best way to shoot a soccer ball, you have to move your foot in front. Strike the ball with your top foot to produce strong but precise shots. The majority of the time, you’ll need a shot like this. Strike the ball with your toes to bend it more during your stroke.


To make a more accurate kick, use the side of your foot:


Turn your foot to the side as you get close to the ball. Use the inside edge of your foot to strike the ball. Although your shot won’t be as powerful, the improved precision benefits shots close to the goal or when the defense is closing in on you.


Follow through with your kicking leg:


After striking the ball:


1. Don’t stop moving.

2. Your kick leg must be on a medium height.

3. Step through and plant your leg on the ground.


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