3 Essential Soccer Training Equipment Every Soccer Player Should Have

Soccer training equipment is a necessary part in the life and routine of every soccer player. Such equipment can be anything from simple everyday objects to purposefully designed stuff.


Soccer training equipment is extremely important for those who dare to train outside the usual training session that a soccer player would go through. 


They can help enhance the results that said training has. Maybe even more importantly they can represent a perfect way of training very specific aspects that are necessary in the soccer world.


It can also be argued that soccer training equipment is great just by virtue of its multi-functionality. Some of the things mentioned below, as you’ll see, can be used for other sports training too. 


However, it is precisely because of this last phenomenon that picking soccer training equipment can be a challenging task. 

What consists of soccer training equipment? What equipment can be considered as such, and what other equipment doesn’t fit the criteria. 


The issue comes from the fact that there is no criteria, and you have to make them as you move and progress through your training. 


For example, you can start from the most basic ‘equipment’ – cleats. Do they count? You can’t argue that they aren’t the perfect soccer training equipment. 


If you think about it, soccer cleats are designed and created with the sole purpose of helping you perform better while playing soccer. 


Speaking of essential soccer training equipment, you would have to include the most basic stuff too. At the very least they would make for a great starting point…


1. The Most Essential Soccer Training Equipment 


Most Essential Soccer Training Equipment


To begin, let us count the most essential things that you will need to start with your soccer training, or with your soccer lessons


Football – There is nothing simple and more basic than having a football to play, as they blasphemously call it in Europe, football. 


Keep in mind that you don’t really need the most expensive, latest and finest football there is. You can always find cheap footballs that are perfectly good. 


Cleats – If you’ve ever had the pleasure of going out with friends to play soccer together, you must know one guy or gal who plays with whatever shoes they can find. 


Although it isn’t impossible to play soccer with boots, it is so much better when you are using the right type of shoes. Same logic applies here, no need to break the bank when picking soccer cleats. 


Goalkeeper Gloves – These are a no-brainer and also something that not all players will need, neither for training nor for matches.


If you want to train as a goalkeeper though, a pair of gloves are as essential as the cleats. They can keep your hands safe and most of them look really cool!


Training Uniform – It could be argued that this is more about appearances than it is about performance but don’t jump to conclusions yet.


A decent uniform can provide more than just looks. It can help your body keep cool, while also being comfortable.


Shin Guards – This is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated equipment in soccer. Yet, it also is one of the most important. 


Injuries can happen at any point, even on training, even on the days in which you do light training. Always, always have your shin guards on! 


2. Essential Soccer Training Equipment Without A Football

Soccer Training Equipment Without A Football

Another category that we must mention, is the soccer training equipment that can come handy for whenever you are training without a football, for example; training endurance, speed, etc. 


Speed Chute – This is a piece of equipment that is mostly necessary for the hardcore soccer players, maybe it is something that only pros use. Yet, we strongly believe that a speed chute can be essential for progression!


A speed chute can provide resistance for you while running, which in turn can help you gain strength in the muscles used for running, making you faster. 


Coaching Sticks – Speaking of speed training, one of the most used equipment for that are the coaching sticks. 


They allow you to get creative and give plenty of options. Most of the time, drills that use coaching sticks include players running in a zig-zag motion in-between the sticks. 


Ladders – If you’ve watched pro players train, you might have seen them put ladders on the ground and use them for training. 


That is because the drills one can design using ladders can provide amazing endurance training while also helping improve balance.


Cones – Cones are the most essential, and the ultimate soccer training equipment. They can be used in a wide range of ways. From markers, all the way to targets. 


A lot of the time, cones can be used for training with a football instead of just physical training. Which makes them all the more worth purchasing. 


3. Essential Soccer Training Equipment With A Football

Soccer Training Equipment With A Football

Speaking of cones, and equipment that is good for soccer training with a football, it is time we count some equipment that are designed for that. 


Goal – No, your favorite team didn’t score. We are speaking about goals for sale that you can use to practice your shots. 


Most of the time, they can be a bit expensive but considering that they are low-maintenance and can last a relatively long while, it can be a worthy purchase. 


Goal Sheet – No, your favorite team didn’t concede. If buying a small goal that can be used as a target doesn’t sound like the thing for you, then maybe consider a goal sheet.


The sheets have specific openings that can be used as targets (most of the time upper and lower corners of the goal). If you train to hit the spot continuously, it can improve your shot accuracy quite a lot!


Soccer Mannequins – If you’re going to train your shooting, you might as well train your free kick taking abilities. 


You may think that they aren’t as essential and that is true to an extent. However, if you really want to learn to take a free kick like a pro, you will really need mannequins to train! 


Soccer training equipment is very important. Yet, the most important and significant thing is how you use them. Make sure you follow the right regime, and we hope to see you at the very top, very soon! 


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