How to Kick a Soccer Ball: 6 Steps to the Perfect Kick

Nobody should be surprised that perfecting that kick is the key to success in soccer. Even this, we frequently skip through the fundamentals when developing our skills because we believe we have them down. Good for you if you’re here to learn how to kick a soccer ball properly for the first time or to brush up on your skills. You are in the proper location.


Let’s discuss the top 6 steps leading to that excellent kick that will set the angels singing and crowds exhilarating.


Step 1: Perfect Your First Touch – Kick A Soccer Ball


A first touch occurs when a player makes contact with the ball, defining the player’s position and place. A perfect kick needs an okay first touch. The accuracy and force to kick a soccer ball will be significantly reduced if you make bad first contact with the ball. Practice the five drills listed below to improve your first touch.


5 soccer drills for improving the first touch

You should do these drills against the wall or with a partner!


#1 – Ball passing and statically ball catching

#2 – Utilize the inside of your foot to catch the ball

#3 – Catch the ball using your outside foot

#4 – Run to the ball and make a one-touch pass while checking the ball

#5 – Checking away from the ball: Start, then make a one-touch passes


If you rehearse these drills, you will be ready for every imaginable situation before the first touch. In addition, it will improve your overall kick a soccer ball performance. 


Step 2: Focus Your Eye on the Ball 


You must maintain your eye on the ball at all times, while it is pleasing to watch the defender and the goal while you kick a soccer ball. Look at the ball in the exact position where you plan to kick it. Also, looking at the middle of the ball is an excellent option. Numerous players appreciate looking in the direction they want the ball to travel. However, this technique reduces your total strength and accuracy. Create the habit of always keeping your eyes on the ball right away. Your kicks will result in more goals when you accomplish this.


Step 3: Pay Attention to Your Feet


Both legs play an essential role in kicking a soccer ball. You can maximize the kick’s momentum and force by placing your feet correctly.


To guide the ball, point your non-kicking foot in that direction. Your non-kicking foot has the magical ability to repair the mistakes made by your kicking foot frequently. If you kick a soccer ball on the wrong side, the angle of your non-kicking foot will direct the ball in the right direction.


Additionally, lock your ankle whenever you make contact with the ball. Your kick will be weak if your ankle is flimsy. However, your kick becomes stronger if your ankle is locked.


Step 4: Move Your Arms


Moving your arms is essential while kicking a soccer ball, as moving your arms directs good momentum when jogging. Harmoniously moving your arms helps to balance your body, stabilizes your torso, and promotes proper foot placement. Plus, it gives you a more polished appearance. If you want your action photos to seem fantastic, you must make those powerful arm movements!


Avoid overanalyzing arm motion. As you run toward the ball, swing your arms back and forth. Your legs will move more quickly the faster your arms move. To increase your force to kick a soccer ball, extend both arms forward as you strike the ball. Your body should feel natural while moving your arms; trust it to do its job of balance.


Step 5: Create a “V” with your Shooting Leg


Your ability to kick a soccer ball will improve as your flexibility grows. As you cock your shooting leg before the kick, you should be able to move it into a “V” shape. You’ll gain more momentum by creating a tight “V,” which will increase the impact of your kick. Do some daily stretches to increase your flexibility if you find it tough to move your power this way.


Step 6: Maintain Your Posture


The key to nailing the kick of a soccer ball is maintaining an upright position. You may bend barely forward or backward if it feels more comfortable, but never dramatically. You will learn improper techniques to kick a soccer ball by angling your body forward or back.


The leaning motion automatically adjusts your foot position. Learn how to properly place your feet on a soccer ball without changing your posture. Also, learn more about how to kick a soccer ball and correct your foot placement in step three.


Sum Up 


In conclusion, mastering the perfect soccer kick requires practice, patience, and attention to detail. By observing the six steps outlined in this blog, you can improve your technique to kick a soccer ball and become a more effective player. Recognize to keep your eye on the ball, follow through with your kick, and, most importantly, have fun!