Mastering the Soccer Volley – Techniques and Tips

The soccer volley, also known as the volley in soccer, is a skill that requires precision, timing, and technique. It involves striking the ball while it is airborne, preventing it from making contact with the ground. Mastering the soccer volley can elevate your game and make you a valuable asset to your team. In this blog, we will explore various techniques and tips that will help you improve your soccer volley skills and become a more proficient player on the field.


Understanding the Soccer Volley


The soccer volley is a skill in which a player hits the ball while it is airborne, utilizing any part of their body except for their arms. This skill is commonly used to shoot, pass, or control the ball during a game. The volley requires excellent timing, coordination, and proper body positioning to execute effectively.


Proper Technique


  • Foot Placement: To execute a successful soccer volley, proper foot placement is crucial. Plant your non-kicking foot next to the soccer ball and use it as a reference point for your positioning. Keep your body balanced and slightly lean forward to maintain stability while striking the ball.
  • Body Positioning: Achieve a proper balance by gently flexing your knees and ensuring your body remains in a relaxed state. This position allows you to adjust your body quickly and generate power when striking the ball. Align your body with the direction you want the ball to go, ensuring that your chest is over the ball.
  • Timing: Timing is essential in mastering the valley in soccer. Anticipate the flight of the ball and position yourself accordingly. As the ball approaches, prepare yourself to strike it at the optimal moment. Practice judging the trajectory of the ball during training sessions to improve your timing.

Ball Contact


  • Striking Surface: The area of your foot that makes contact with the ball can significantly affect the outcome of your volley. For power and accuracy, use the laces or the instep of your foot to strike the ball. 
  • Focusing on the Ball: Maintain visual contact with the ball throughout the entire sequence. This will heighten your perception of space and aid in making a clean connection with the ball. Concentrating on the ball will enhance your precision and guarantee a strong connection.

Practice Drills for Soccer Volley


  • Wall Volleys: Find a sturdy wall and practice volleys against it. This skill helps boost your timing, technique & control. Start by standing a few feet away from the wall and gradually increase the distance as you become more comfortable. Aim to strike the ball cleanly and maintain a consistent rhythm.
  • Crossed Ball Volleys: Ask a teammate or coach to deliver crosses into the box for you to volley. This drill simulates real-game situations and helps you practice volleys from different angles and heights. Focus on adjusting your body position quickly and connecting with the ball accurately.
  • Controlled Volleys: Set up cones or markers in a designated area and practice volleys with a partner. Focus on controlling the ball with each volley, aiming for accuracy rather than power. This drill helps improve your ball control and touch, which are essential in executing successful volleys during a match.

Additional Tips


  • Relax and Be Confident: Maintain a relaxed state of mind and have confidence in your abilities. Tension can hinder your performance, so focus on staying calm and composed while executing volleys.
  • Regular Practice: Consistency is key when mastering any volley soccer skill, including the volley. Dedicate regular practice sessions to improve your technique, timing, and coordination.
  • Observe Professional Players: Watch professional soccer matches and analyze how skilled players execute volleys. Observe their body positioning, foot placement, and timing. Gaining knowledge from top performers can offer valuable perspectives and motivation to improve your own volley technique.



Mastering the soccer volley is a valuable skill that can significantly enhance your performance on the field. By focusing on proper technique, timing and practicing various drills, you can improve your ability to strike the ball cleanly and accurately. Remember to maintain a relaxed state of mind and stay confident in your abilities. With dedication and consistent practice, you can become a proficient volley player and make a positive impact on your team. So, grab a ball, find a wall, and start practicing your soccer volleys today!