Top 5 Soccer Ball Rolling That Every Player Should Know

In soccer, mastering various ball control techniques is essential for players to excel on the field. One such fundamental skill is soccer ball rolling. The ability to roll the ball effectively and maintain control opens up a wide range of possibilities for players, enabling them to navigate around opponents and create scoring opportunities.


Here, we will explore the top five soccer ball rolling techniques that every player should know. These will enhance your control, dribbling, and overall gameplay, giving you an edge on the pitch.


Inside Roll


Mastering the inside roll is an essential soccer ball rolling skill for players who want to excel in close-quarter situations. You can swiftly change direction and leave defenders behind by placing your foot on top of the ball and rolling it across your body. This technique is especially valuable in crowded areas of the field where space is limited. 


The inside roll enables you to maneuver past opponents, create openings for accurate passes, or set up powerful shots on goal. Its effectiveness lies in the combination of quick footwork, body control, and precision, making it an indispensable skill for any soccer player looking to enhance their dribbling repertoire. Practice the inside roll diligently, and watch as your ability to navigate through tight spaces with the ball becomes second nature.


Outside Roll


Similar to the inside roll, the outside roll involves rolling soccer ball, but this time, using the outside of your foot. This technique is excellent for changing direction swiftly and catching defenders off guard. To execute the outside roll, place your foot on the ball’s outer side and roll it away from your body. The outside roll is especially useful when you want to quickly switch directions or beat an opponent on the outside. Incorporating this technique into your repertoire will enhance your dribbling skills and make you a more formidable player.


Sole Roll


The sole roll is a versatile soccer ball rolling technique that allows players to maintain close control of the ball while moving forward. In this skill, you skillfully maneuver the ball forward using the sole of your foot with precise control. The sole roll is particularly effective when an opponent closely marks you and needs to protect the ball. It enables you to shield the ball effectively, change direction, or initiate an attacking move. Practice this technique to improve your ball retention and stability when facing pressure from opponents.


Drag Back


The drag back is a deceptive soccer ball rolling technique that can wrong-foot opponents and create space for a pass or shot. To perform this move, start by placing your non-kicking foot next to the ball. Then, drag your non-kicking foot backward while simultaneously rolling ball in the opposite direction using the sole of your other foot. This sudden change in direction often catches defenders off guard, allowing you to create separation and exploit gaps in the defense. The drag back is an effective technique for evading pressure and creating scoring opportunities.


Cruyff Turn


Named after the legendary Dutch soccer player Johan Cruyff, the Cruyff turn is a classic ball rolling technique that remains effective to this day. This move involves using a combination of the inside roll and a quick change of direction. To perform the Cruyff turn, feign a pass or shot by swinging your kicking foot as if you’re going to strike the ball, but instead, use the inside of your foot to roll the ball behind your standing leg. This sudden change of direction can deceive opponents, providing you with a chance to escape tight marking situations and set up a play.




Mastering soccer ball rolling techniques is crucial for players aiming to improve their control, agility, and dribbling skills on the field. The inside roll, outside roll, sole roll, drag back, and Cruyff turn are five essential techniques that every soccer player should know. By incorporating these techniques into your training regimen and practicing them consistently, you will enhance your ability to maneuver past opponents, create scoring opportunities, and elevate your overall gameplay. So, lace up your boots, grab a soccer ball, and start perfecting these soccer ball rolling techniques to become a more skillful and effective player on the pitch.