Soccer Gear for Kids: Winter Equipment for Junior Stars

It is not always sunny and warm enough to play soccer. When the weather turns chilly, your child must remain comfortable and warm both on and off the soccer field. Therefore we compiled a list of soccer gear for kids that are necessary for them to wear while playing during winter.


Here is the list of essential winter soccer gear for kids:


While there are dozens of soccer gear for kids options for cold-weather soccer gear for kids, you must also ensure that they are appropriate for soccer.


Why Not Just Any Equipment?


Any winter clothing will undoubtedly keep your kid warm and comfy while playing outside. But here is an important thing to consider is that heavy winter clothing will prevent your kids from playing well, slow them down and make them tired quickly.


This is because the kids will be running and kicking most of the time. Therefore, your kids need to wear lightweight, not bulky, but warm clothing.


So we described below the gear that will do exactly that, and you will notice that most of the equipment is made of similar material.


1.  Beanie


We’ve all heard of a beanie, also known as a knitted cap composed of wool, cotton, and other felt materials. It’s warm enough to keep your little one’s head warm and save them from cold weather and wind.


Depending on the beanie’s design, it can be pulled down to cover your kid’s ears and the nape of the neck without affecting their hearing and visual abilities.


 2.  Neck Gaiter


A neck gaiter, often known as a snood, shields the neck from the cold and can be pushed up to cover the nose. Neck gaiters are popular kids soccer gear among professional soccer players and other athletes.


They are extremely versatile soccer gear for kids that can be used for various reasons ranging from scarves for head to ear warmers. Some neck gaiters contain a drawstring clasp to keep them in place while covering the nose.


 3. Field Glove


Field gloves are used by outfield soccer players and should not be confused with soccer goalie gloves. These gloves are not bulky like goalkeeper gloves and are mainly used to keep hands warm. You must make sure that the wrist cuff has elastic that does not allow the cold to enter your child’s hands.


 4. Goalkeeper Gloves


Goalkeeper or goalie gloves protect your kid’s hands from injuries while also keeping them warm due to their thick foam and latex construction.


However, only goalkeepers are permitted to wear it, not because it is illegal, but because it is a little large and clunky.


Some goalie gloves include mesh fabrics designed for summer play, so avoid purchasing these goalkeeper gloves.


5. Thermal Undergarments


A thermal undergarment, also known as long johns, is a type of base layer apparel that embraces the body and keeps the entire body warm.


Soccer players should wear polyester thermal underwear because it is lightweight and retains body heat while wicking away sweat.


On the other hand, Merino wool provides the most warmth but retains moisture, which players don’t want.


Choose long pants and long-sleeved thermal underwear that cover your child’s legs and arms. The best quality thermal wear for soccer kids is usually made of polyester and spandex.


6. Socks

Soccer socks are essential soccer gear for kids that not only protect the lower legs of your kids from scratches and help to keep the shin protection in place, but they also keep the kid’s legs warm.


They give arch support, compression around your child’s ankle, and cushioning for the foot.

Polyester, spandex, rubber, and nylon are common materials used to make good socks.


7. Tracksuit

The tracksuit is a two-piece soccer gear item for kids that consists of a jacket and long pants. Players wear it over their team uniform while warming up, waiting their turn to play, and warming down afterward.

The tracksuit really speeds up the warm-up process since it keeps the heat inside, and the muscles warm up faster. Tracksuits are also known as sweatshirts & sweatpants.


However, they are currently worn not only by athletes but also by musicians as a fashion statement.

Tracksuits are made of fabric that keeps the kids warm when not playing.


Tricot tracksuits are highly suggested for soccer players because they are made of nylon & spandex or polyester & spandex.


Picking the right winter soccer gear for kids ensures that your little one is safe and comfortable. Also, be sure they contribute to your junior star’s fun and success on & off the soccer field. That is possible if you follow the above soccer gear for kids. Stay safe and have fun while playing soccer.