4 Cheap And Stylish Soccer Cleats For Kids

Soccer cleats for kids are an essential part of the uniform of any kid who practices or takes part in soccer events, training and even simply games. 


However, at the same time it can be hard to pick the perfect soccer cleats for kids. Every parent who has had to purchase kids’ soccer cleats is somewhat familiar with this. 


We would love to try and help all the parents who find themselves in a position like this. To do that, we have prepared a few tips about soccer cleats for kids and a list for you to pick from. 


Our criteria for what makes for great soccer cleats have been based on personal experience and general advice when it comes to picking soccer cleats


On top of that, a huge and important emphasis will be placed on the price tag of the cleats that we have picked. 


The reason why we deemed the price to be important is obvious, but we also want to prove that the more expensive cleats aren’t necessarily better.


What To Look For When Picking Soccer Cleats For Kids?


What To Look For When Picking Soccer Cleats For Kids



It is true that the younger generations are the generations that are mostly into soccer. Opposed to the older ones, it seems that kids nowadays are turning towards soccer.


Inevitably, this creates a situation where today’s parents are fully aware of the amazing benefits of soccer for kids, but aren’t really familiar with soccer themselves. 


This is why it can be challenging to pick the right soccer cleats for kids. So what is that you need to look for when doing so?


Purpose In Mind – The main things that you might notice when looking at soccer cleats as an outsider is the fact that some of them have spikes and some others don’t. So which are better for your kids?


Soccer cleats with spikes are meant for natural terrain. If you kids will be practicing, or playing in a real, grass and dirt soccer field, then you should go with soccer cleats with spikes.


On the other hand, soccer cleats without spikes are mostly meant for indoor soccer, and ‘non-natural’ terrains. Knowing this difference, you will now find it easier to pick which ones your kids need.


Design And Comfortability – Both Adidas and Nike, are now releasing soccer cleats that wrap up the ankles, with what have been dubbed as ‘ankle collars’.


When it comes to ankle collars, they can look really cool, and many brands will do their best to convince you that ankle collars give you a huge advantage and are very helpful in improving performance. 


In reality, you don’t really have to worry about that. Or about the design in general. As long as your kids feel comfortable in the cleats you pick, they will work perfectly fine!


General Shoe Advice – Soccer cleats at the end of the day, be they for kids or adults, are shoes! As such there are certain things that you can and should do to make them more comfortable. 


It is crucially important that your shoes fit you perfectly. Especially, if you’re going to use them to shoot, pass and control a soccer ball. 


One top of the need to control the soccer ball, kids will be running for a prolonged amount of time while playing soccer, so comfortability is really important here. 


Myths To Avoid – Speaking of shoe size, one very weird, yet persistent myth is that soccer cleats should be worn a size smaller than you usual size. 


That is completely untrue, and it can be very harmful for kids. Due to the fact that the extremities, just like the rest of the body, are still developing!


Having shoes that are smaller than your size, can lead to abnormalities and they seriously damage the normal development process. 


4 Cheap And Stylish Soccer Cleats For Kids


4 Cheap And Stylish Soccer Cleats For Kids



With a general knowledge of some of the main things that are related to soccer cleats for kids, let us now show you our picks for 4 cheap and stylish soccer cleats for kids.


1. Vizari Unisex-Kid’s Stealth FG


First Entry For Soccer Cleats For Kids



Our first entry is one of the cheapest in the entire list. The price of these stylish soccer cleats for kids start from $20.


Not only are they super cheap, but soccer cleats like this work so well! They are stylish yet simplistic in their design.


It also helps that this listing has many different options that you can pick from. Our favorite being the black and green versions. 


2. adidas Nemeziz 19.4


Entry 2 For Soccer Cleats For Kids



There is rarely a case in which you can find something that is totally perfect in all possible ways. The ‘adidas Nemeziz 19.4’ seems to be that, when it comes to soccer cleats for kids. 


There is so much to talk about when ti comes to these soccer cleats, yet we feel that no matter how much we discuss them ,we still can’t do justice to their look and design. 


At the same time, the ‘adidas Nemeziz 19.4’ are very reasonably priced, and also start at around $20 per pair. 


3. Umboro UX Accuro


Umboro Soccer Cleats For Kids



Umboro is one brand that is often underlooked. As the well established and well recognized brands can charge, at times, just due to those reasons, Umboro doesn’t seem to do that.


Their soccer cleats for kids named ‘Umboro UX Accuro, are the best example of something beautiful, practical and affordable. 


With a price tag of $31 per pair, and a design that is a dazzling combination of green and black, they are fully worth the price tag.


4. adidas Predator 18.3


Adidas Soccer Cleats For Kids



If you look at the history of companies that have provided soccer attire, you will know that the German giant; adidas, has always been invested in this sport. 


‘Adidas Predator 18.3’ is a great example of how much this company knows the sport. This design is simplistic and good looking, and this pair also has the aforementioned ankle collar. 


The price here starts at $30 per pair. These are great because these cleats have a smooth design, which is super practical. 


Hopefully our advice and our picks have been helpful for any parent who is looking for soccer cleats for kids.


In the meantime feel free to check out another list of ours, which discusses soccer cleats too. Give a quick look to our picks of best soccer cleats.